Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Habibi! Habibi! Where are you...?

I had been looking for him but he was nowhere to be found. I was panicked as I thought he might have gone outside secretly because my maid was sweeping the compound. But I noticed something...
Phew!!! Thanks God...
He found his new 'home' !

These pictures were taken using my handphone only thus the clarity is not satisfactory. I reported this matter to my hubby and we decided to buy the IKEA tent again tomorrow or maybe Friday. The previous one is not functional anymore due to the broken frame. Now...gotta hunt for the another one again...

Tagged again...

I have been tagged by my sweet Indonesian buddy, Dian.
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Let's have a go....
1. What is your name? ===> Rosma
2. A four letter word ===> Rich
3. A boy's name ===> Rizqi
4. A girl's name ===> Rizqun
5. An occupation ===> Registrar
6. A colour ===> Rose pink
7. Something you wear ===> Red t-shirt
8. A type of food ===> Raisins
9. Something found in the bathroom ===> Red toothbrush
11. A reason for being late ===> Rain
12. Something you shout ===> Read!
13. A movie title ===> Ratatouille
14. Something you drink ===> Ribena
15. A musical group ===> Rabbani
16. A street name ===> Streets of BRunei (Running out of ideas already!!)
17. A type of car ===> Roll Royce
18. A song title ===> Bila Resah by Anuar Zain (So difficult to think of..)
19. A verb ===> React

4. After you’re done, tag 10 other people.

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Tuesday, April 28, 2009


These pictures were taken few days ago. I spent the quality time with the kids in the playroom. Habibati played with the shape dominoes while Habibi was "reading" his favourite cloth books. I was amazed when I observed my little girl could successfully rearrange the dominoes perfectly all by herself now.
She clapped her hands together with me as the mission accomplished. Smart Girl!
Habibi browsed the cloth books and tried to utter some names of the animals shown in the books. He then read another book. Do you guys notice the mosquito bites on his forehead and ear lobe? This seems to be our problems...I hate mosquitoes especially when they land and leave some bites on the kids' skin. Usually I would apply some eucalyptus oil to heal. Thus, the skin became reddish temporarily but left no marks at all after a few minutes later.
So helpful...he put all the dominoes back into the container. Then climbed up the playpen (which I have used for storing toys now!) and got another toy again.

Now what??

Woops!! You are a girl darling...that bigfoot is supposed to be Habibi's playmate...

*scroll down*




I laughed out loud when she sat on the bigfoot!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Lela!

I made these cupcakes for my niece, Lela, who is turning 5. She liked the cupcakes and told me that gobbled three cuppies. She shared the cupcakes with her little brother Mustajab as well as our Habibi and Habibati.
So smart, she said 'thank you' to me. A good girl ! Just wait for your present ok..though it was a belated one. Happy Birthday Girl...

Saturday, April 25, 2009

My Favourite Dessert

This was prepared by my mom. My favourite one....a special bubur kacang with durian Monthong. The heavenly taste of the rich durian Monthong was driving me crazy. To be honest...I can't cook a delicious bubur kacang just like my mom's touch. Thanks Mom...
Message for Mama "Nyaman bubur atu Ma..first class grade. Tumpi kita buat atu pun Habibi suka berabis. Bah..bek tah buatkan lagi ..." I know she is following my blog....

Friday, April 24, 2009

Our Thursday and Friday

Let me start off by sharing about our dinner last night. I was craving for a bbq chicken with honey and black pepper sauce. So I made a move. I marinated the chicken with some salt and pepper for only an hour. Then to save my time, I steamed the chicken first. After that I put some KNORR original bbq sauce on to the steamed chicken and placed them in the oven to roast for about 45 minutes. Then when the skin of the chicken was golden brown, I put some honey and black pepper sauce and let it roast again for another 15 minutes. Outcome ---> a fabulous dinner. Alhamdullilah...
This was our so-called Indonesian breakfast this morning. Cucur bakwan is actually made up of fresh sweet corn, self-raising flour, wheat flour, pounded dried shrimps, garlics, shallots, spring onions, plain water, salt and pepper. I just mixed all these ingredient together and deep fried till golden brown.
Then I made some cupcakes for my jobmates. I have the stories about My Indulgence . There are pictures about the cupcakes that I made there. Feel free to visit...tnx!

Then after the Friday mass prayer, we went to Serusop to hunt for the new DVD/VCD/CD player for the kids. The previous one was no longer functional. So, no other choice than buy a new one! My hubby just bought the AKIRA brand. Hopefully this one last longer...

Passing by the shops, there was a petshop. As expected, the kids were attracted by the rabbits, mice and hamsters. No...No...sorry darlings....just have a look yea....Ummi is yet to agree about Ayah's proposal. Anyway...we really had fun today.


This the the tea rose that I have been waiting for. I am crazy about roses...and now I'm waiting for my peach rose to bear some buds.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


My hubby bought this mosquito repeller at Hua Ho Mall. It cost BND4.50 only. It smells good, because it is made up of lemon grass,mint leaves, essential oils and gel. It is environmentally friendly and a non-chemical one. Furthermore, it is bio-degradable and an aromatheraphy too. I think I prefer this one better than the typical chemical sprays.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


It is true that we must keep an eye on our kids and never leave them alone..even for a minute. These were the outcomes when I left the kids alone in the livingroom as I went to the toilet. When I stepped out of the toilet...WOW!!!..Habibi and Habibati were already performing some stunts with the high wooden tables. The stuffed toys were scattered everywhere on the rubber mat. When I took some snaps of these..they performed another stunts - climbing up the swings. Now both of the swings are banned and placed upstairs as a temporary treasure!!

Usually before I close my eyes to sleep...I often flash back the fun and challenging times together...yes...they really make me smile...I love the both of you forever. These are the salt and pepper of a parenting life...wonderful!

My Pink Rose

I have been waiting for my pink rose bud to bloom since yesterday. When I got back home from school this aftrenoon, I was awfully happy seeing the pink rose. It was the first bloom ever since I pruned the stems of this rose plant. I love the lovely. Now I'm waiting my other rose plant ,the maroon tea rose to bloom too and I will surely share the beauty....

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Our Girl

Habibati was very bored this afternoon because the brother Habibi was taking his afternoon nap till 4.30 p.m. So I brought her outside. I snapped some pictures of Habibati when she wore Ayah's big gardening hat. She is the supermodel of in our hearts....

Habibi's New Look

Our boy is having a fresh new look. Ayah brought him to the Indian barber and had his haircut. I did not join them this time. Ayah said Habibi was a good boy when his hair was cut just now. He did respond positively. Ayah did not have to snuggle him (like before)but just sat on his lap. Good boy Habibi!

Ummi and Shauki

This is Shauki whom I breastfed for more than a week after he was born. Now he is already 1 year and 10 months. Her mommy brought him to school (we work at the same school) and I took some pictures with him. He is such a bright cute boy and can talk already.

My Newly Born Bloggie...

I would love to introduce to you my dear blogging very new bloggie about my baking.


This morning we went out very early to PGGMB office and then to Le Apple to buy something for my cupcakes. Then, I found the 'gingerbread man' cookie cutter there. Not only that...the multi-coloured bread was also available here. I was so happy...!


I made some cute shapes of the bread by using the biscuit cutter/shaper. I received a very positive response from my darling kids. I served the 'shapey' breads on one plate only at was not enough. They cleaned them up in less than two minutes.
They asked for more...then I happily made some more and arranged the 'shapey' breads on two different plates.
Now I know...the fun shapes have added some "attractiveness" to the plain bread taste. My kids must be bored with the typical shape of the bread slices, thus, they often can't finish even a slice of the bread. But not anymore....

My next plan ---> To hunt for the multi-coloured bread loaf sold at TOPBAKE...and see how will they response to this one.

My Mom's Touch Of Love

I like to see my mom's plants. She takes good care of the plants all by herself. She wakes up early every morning and visits her growing plants around her house compound. I think that's why her plants grow well because they are showered with her tender loving care. I snapped some of the pictures of the plants. So nice.....and this point I admit that I really ENVY her....!

Nur's Tag

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The Friendship Award

I really like this award...taken from my lovely and generous buddy TUKANG CERITA from Malaysia (a bunch of tnx yea *winks*). Now that I have had it here...I would love to present anyone who come and visit me often here....with this award. I am SURE you KNOW WHO you are.... packed with a *group hug*...and my heartfelt sincerity...

Saturday, April 18, 2009


We brought Habibati to a pet shop. She instantly was attracted by these cute little fellows...the rabbits, mice and hamsters. When it was the time to leave..Habibati was reluctant to go away. She was stuck there. She likes rabbits the most. We had a hard time to make her leave the pets. Then back in the car, my hubby decided to find a pair of bunnies for the kids. There are the local ones sold here...which are cheaper than the exported ones sold at most pet shops. But yet I still haven't give a 'positive nod' to this proposal....