Friday, October 30, 2009

My Only Peach Rose....

This is the only rose plant that I have now. The beautiful peach rose. The rest are no longer healthy and flowering. I think I'm going to buy new ones. I love roses although they do not last long but the sweet scent produced by the blooming roses really makes my day. I love to smell the blooming roses before I drive off to work....(';^)
Special note for hubby ~My birthday is coming.......*hint*

Our Friday Out

This late afternoon I asked my hubby to bring us out. I wanted to eat 'roti canai' as the kids love it to eat too. Too bad...we were too late for it so we had some 'soto', chicken rice and fried quail instead at Tinis Restaurant. This restaurant is famous for its 'soto' for so many years. This place is quite far away from our place thus we don't come here for such a long time already.
Above ~ The fried yummy but quite expensive...BND$3.50 per quail.
Below ~ The chicken rice...for the kids...B+ for it...$3.00 per dish.
Above ~The so-called "soto Tinis".....still delicious as before....BND$3.00 per bowl.
Below ~ My smiling hubby...enjoying every slurp of the soup....slurppppp....
Above ~ Habibati was happy with her chicken rice that she shared with Habibi.
Below ~ Ummi posed with the fried quail before half of it entered into her tummy.
Play and eat. Eat and play.That's what they usually do....At the payment counter...*giggles*..have a look at Habibi and Habibati...they were very curious...!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Mom's 60th Birthday Anniversary

We gathered and celebrated her birthday yesterday...she is now 60. Time flies very fast..but we will always pray for her longevity, continuous health and prosperity. She was formerly a teacher and will always be a 'teacher' to Habibi and Habibati. She comes over to our house every working day just to look after her beloved grandchildren (when we are working). Yeaa....we have a maid but still I can't force myself to trust the maid. So when she agrees to come over to help the maid look after our active mind is in complete peace.... *thanks ma*
As usual....Habibi and Habibati will dominate the birthday cake....*giggles* . My mom had to hold Habibi closely as he might burn his lips! Below -> The birthday feasts.....*layan je* More kilos gained :(
Happy Birthday and We Love You Forever...

Friday, October 23, 2009

Our "Cholesterol" Indulgence

We commited ourselves into something irresistable...having chix skin for dinner! We haven't had this dish for such a long I thought it would be OK to have this for dinner. Nevertheless...our kids really love to eat the fried chic skin..thus we always have frozen stock for them *giggles*...
However...the job was very tough...I had to skin all the fat linings underneath the skin. The knife for skinning the unwanted fats should be very sharp so that the job will be less tidious.

The above picture shows the amount of fats and the skinned chic skin. I just couldn't believe my eyes that there were more fats than the skin. I concluded that we were purchasing more fats than the skin, right? Just imagine...the cholesterol.....*scared*
Marinted with some tumeric powder...finely-blended galangal, ginger, lemon grass and tumeric...and freshly picked curry leaves. After that pan-fried them with some big onion slices and a result....we enjoyed our dinner to the maximum!

Note --> Liz...ko punya pasal ni....*chuckles*

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Habibi's Imagination

Habibi loves robots and toy soldiers. I snapped these moments secretly. I like the way he arranged those toy soldiers as if they were trying to attack the robot. He made some sounds but I couldn't really understand what he was trying to tell *giggles*. Really love these moments...

Alamak! Ada yang enter-frame....!

Monday, October 19, 2009


"What??? locally grown??"

"Really? your garden??"
"Yes, please....I would love to see them and eat them JahTin...please and thank you"
Dumbfounded in amazement. Yea...this is all about the locally grown MULBERRIES. I love strawberries. I have tasted the fresh blueberries but the imported ones. I have eaten raspberries but the frozen ones. But....not these...

.....the locally grown mulberries. My friend Hjh Tini spare some of her ripe mulberries for me. She knows I love berries...*thanks a lot dear* . I just couldn't believe such plants can be grown here well. Her husband is a greenfinger type of person thus this plant can bear lots of fruits. I asked her if I could buy the baby mulberry plant from her so that I can grow it in my garden. According to her this plant can grow through stem-cutting. I will just have to be patient and wait for her call to collect the growing stem. If I go to her house, I will take some pictures of the mulberry plants...and of course share the pictures with you... (';')
The taste --> Very sweet...

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Hari Raya Celebration @ Our School

Last Saturday was the day, although it was a bit raining but the celebration went on smoothly. It was nice to see the children in their colourful hari raya outfits. The performances were simple but entertaining. What more to expect from them...only happiness and joyfulness that really matters...
Now the "makan-makan" usual sooooo irresistable! But I manage to control myself not to take the 'asam pedas beef' and of course 'fried fish' (phobia dgn tulang)!! But I ate too much fried squids till I had a headache....padan muka! LOLMy weakness ---> these local fruits......gotta drink lotsa water to drain out the fructos which can make our body heaty...Taking some memorable snaps....with my dear jobmates.....Happy Hari Raya!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I love scented flowers especially roses. Just before Hari Raya, we went to the flower/plants bazaar just nearby our place. I was amazed with these I was attracted by the colour *off course PINK* Then, out of curiousity, I asked the seller for the name and price. She confidently stated that the name was LAVENDER. They are the local Lavender, she explained. I was and am still puzzled *betul ke??? lavender??* ada ke local lavender??* From what I know...lavender plants do not really look like these. However, I love them very much especially the lovely sweet scent. The small attached flowers bloom until now...not like roses that can usually stay blooming for just 1 or 2 days. I think I will buy the purple ones.
Dedicated to CathJ --> So what do you think of this 'so-called' lavender dear? You have these in your garden too, right... (':')

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hari Raya

The memorable month of Syawal is about to leave...but the Aidil Fitri atmosphere is still in the air. Let's pray to Allah for health and longevity to meet the next Syawal again..amin. I would love to share some random pictures of the Hari Raya. Firstly, at our home sweet home.....*It was so difficult to take these family pictures using the camera stand...Habibi was ready, Habibati wasn't and vice-versa LOL*
Then, the random pictures snapped at our friends' yourself with these delicacies......*makebelieve open house* (';')

Happy Hari Raya.....we seek for your sincere forgiveness...*smile*