Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My Pan-Fried Pucuk Paku

I am not sure if you know about this edible ferns. They grow along the roadsides...and the size is bigger than the normal pucuk paku pakis. My hubby is the first to introduce me with these ferns and now I like to eat them very much. They are said to be having a cooling effect for the heaty body but men are not advised to consume in large amout or frequently. Usually, I just boil the ferns for less than a minute and eat them by dipping into the 'sambal belacan' but this time I pan-fried them with crushed garlics and sliced shallots, to taste..I sprinkled some anchovies stock powder. So yummy to eat....!

Sunday, February 14, 2010


Salam and hello dear friendies....I have been absent for ages due to so many things tagging my life as a mommy, a wifey and an educator. I am back here to blog about myself being so uncomfortable with this Urinary Track Infection. This is my second time being diagnosed with such painful infection down under *~*
These are the symptoms that can lead to UTI : *I got this from The Mayo Clinic website*

- A strong, persistent urge to urinate (yes!)
- A burning sensation when urinating (I don't experience this)
- Passing frequent, small amounts of urine (yes, but the flow is ok for me as normal)
- Blood in the urine (hematuria) or cloudy, strong-smelling urine (yes, I have traces of
blood, but I don't smell anything weird)
- Bacteria in the urine, bacteriuria. (as being checked/screened...yes!)

I was prescribed with strong antibiotics to be taken twice for five days and some ibuprofens tablets as the painkiller. I really hope these meds will work well. I also was advised to drink plenty of water and cranberry juice as well as the sun-dried cranberries *yummy!*

For those who have been through this sickness...would you please share with me...and I'm begging for your advice....thanks! *hugs*