Sunday, May 30, 2010

Breathing in some fresh air...

I felt so bored staying at home...I really wanted to breathe in some fresh air....a remedy to my pain somehow! So we went 'jalan-jalan' at the small town here in Tutong which we seldom had a chance to come. Although I only walked like a penguin or a snail *LOL*, I had the opportunity to sip this yummy and currently popular drink (in Brunei) which was called the tea-C special.
It is actually tea plus milk. Moreover, in stead of using the normal sugar, the 'gula apong' or 'gula nibong' is used to replace the normal sugar. Thus, the taste is extraordinary in deed!
To accompany the special drink, we ordered roti prata. Habibi loved/loves to eat this one........
......he even likes to dip the roti into the sauce.
They forced Ayah to buy them these bubble blowing toys...which I did not actually like them to play. I am afraid that the 'bubble solution' would get into their mouth. But, nothing could ever stop Ayah from buying these...Habibati would surely cry like nothing mattered! But never mind long as they were happy....but of course I had to keep an eye on both of them @~@

Another one here....why in the world were these machines created! Hey c'mon...everyone wants to make money !! LOL Our kids love to 'buy' these toy capsules by inserting 50 cents and 20 cents coins in order to get those capsules containing small toys. Habibati was showing off her purple ring...hehehe...

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Days after the surgery....

Today is the 10th day after my surgery...and I still feel the pain especially around my navel (due to the laparoscopy I think). I start off my day with two tablespoons of Zaniplus Gamat Juice with orange flavour. My daughter loves this one too...
I must make sure I have lots of ulam to accompany my meal. I love to eat ulam pengaga, ulam raja and bunga kantan. They are believed to have beneficial nutrients for healing.
Along with that....the dalak fish soup plus lots of celery and young ginger.....yummy!
This is my up the dalak fish. I think in Malaysia they are called ikan haruan.
I believe many people do not like to eat this fish just because of the their physical appreance....especially the head part....*_* Don't they look like snakes? LOL
These fellows have lots of healing properties especially for those who have just undergone major surgeries or after delivering a baby. Anyway...if you have anything to share some are most welcome...thank you in advance....

Monday, May 24, 2010

Reasons for my Absence (Part 2)

I felt something was wrong with me starting March this year. At first, the doctor diagnosed me with UTI and suspected some stones in my urinary track and bladder. I experienced continuous lower abdominal pain especially prior to my menses. Then, when the x-ray did not show any abnormalities, the doctor referred me to radiology for ultra sound. Then, it was confirmed that nothing was wrong with my urinary tracts, bladder as well as my kidneys. However, a 4.3cm ovarian cyst in my right ovary was found out instead!.

Then, I was referred to the gynecologist for further check-ups. Follow-up appointments were given and I was only prescribed with some painkillers to reduce the unbearable pain. I requested my right ovary to be removed as soon as possible, but the gynecologist advised me to see how things went for few months as my cyst had not reached more than 6cm. Only God knows how I felt for the past few months. I kept myself busy with the hectic school schedules and still accepted some cupcakes orders as a cure to my pain. When the pain did not strike...I did my routine chores as focused as possible before the pain came and dominated me.

Then last week..on the unforgettable 17th May, the pain was unbearable and after sending off the kids to my parents' house, we rushed to the hospital. I was warded on the spot, no meals allowed and I was given a drip. An ultrasound was carried out again, the cyst had grown another centimeter. There was a tenderness around my abdomen. After some discussions amongst the gynecologists, a major surgery had to be carried out on the same day too! I cried. When the cyst had twisted, my right ovary would had to be removed. But for the sake of myself and my family and my future, we agreed. After every single thing prior to a surgery procedure was done, exactly at 2 p.m. the operation was carried out until 4.30 p.m.

The doctor explained to me that after the diagnostic laparoscopy was carried out, she had had to open me up (section me) as my right ovary was badly infected . Thus she removed it. The good news was that my left ovary was in healthy condition as well as my uterus.
My hi-tech bed had helped me to be independent...
But my meal was only fluid....on my Day 1 after the sugery.... not-so-yummy meal.....
....then on Day 2, I could take soft rice porridge....

My Mother's Day Roses

Thank you my darling hubby, Habibi and Habibati....*eternal love*

Reasons for my Absence (Part I)

Back here blogging many things had happened in our tracks of life. I know these have been the tests from Allah. Last few weeks ago, Habibati had very high fever for couples of days. We brought her to a private clinic and she was prescribed with some strong antibiotics for 3 days only and paracetamol as the doctor diagnosed her with tonsillitis. Then after 3 days, she looked better. However she started to become feverish again so we rushed her to the hospital and she got warded too. The doctor said that her tonsillitis had subsided but still wondered why her temperatures were still unstable. When her H1N1 swab's result was traced...I was thankful that she was negative with it *I went some kind crazy waiting for the result*. After the results of her urine and blood cultures were traced normal..only the she was discharged. Now she is alhamdullilah active and gaining some weights too. She had lost almost 2 kgs (from 14kg to 12kg).

She could not colour with her right hand....kesian...but why? was because of this.....! Thank you for your prayers and concerns too.

Friday, May 21, 2010

After a Surgery....

Just being discharged from the hospital after a dear friends...thanks for visiting and I will update the soonest...about me and my princess too...let us be in your prayers....tnx..



Wednesday, May 12, 2010

~~~Being so hectic these days lately due to my daughter's unwellness plus my career's tight schedule~~~
Thank you for visiting...and will update the soonest...please pray for her speedy recovery...amin...