Sunday, August 30, 2009


It was Princess Barbie before...but not now. Everything must be Mickey/Minnie Mouse. From the T-shirts, trousers, pyjamas, soft-toys, skirts, tops, caps, socks, bags, feeding bottles......all with Mickey/Minnie. Switch on the must be channel 613...Mickey/Minnie mouse again. That's our little lady Habibati now...she is one of the great fans of this two mice.. ;)
Yesterday, she rejected her lunch just because of this two mice again. She wanted the Mickey/Minnie mouse plate, bowl, spoon and forks! She made me mad...really! But my hubby cooled me down. So late in the afternoon, we went to Hua Ho to do some monthly grocery shopping and we brought along Habibati. We went straight to the "Anakku" section upstairs and asked for the salesperson's assistance. So lucky..the set we were looking for happened to be the very last pieces of them. The bowl cum cup cost BND$5.90 and the plate also cost the same whereas the pair of spoon and fork cost BND$3.90.

However, she was still unhappy because she wanted Donald Duck set for her brother. But Ayah convinced her that we would soon find one for Habibi. Thus her face was not very cheerful.....see boring facial expression!

We broke the fast with our favourite Lebanese food at Sbnati. Opps! now I realized that I didn't snap the pictures of the dishes ;). Back at the basement parking lot, we did some camwhoring with the giant DSLR......and Habibati had now regained her cheerfulness.... love you baby!

Habibati and Her Dressing Table

Habibati likes to watch me whenever I'm getting ready for work or going out. She will always stare at me while I'm putting on some light makeup. At the same time, I adore the prize won by the cute Princess Gwen. The contest was actually run by this generous buddy Cathj. I have been looking for this one for Habibati. So when we shopped for Habibi's birthday present few weeks ago, we unexpectedly bumped into this adorable dressing table at Hua Ho Manggis Mall, I instantly grabbed it for our little darling Habibati.

She loves it very much and will always does her grooming after the bath-time. What I really like about this dressing table is that, it is packed with some toy make-up kits, hair bands, hair brush, hair-dryer and bangles.

She really knows how to look pretty we know....GIRLS WILL ALWAYS BE GIRLS *giggles*

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Breaking The Fast With...

Yesterday, my hubby told me that he was craving for some kind of rice porridge. I giggled at his remark as all these times he is not a porridge lover. But he told me he had listened to the recipe being narrated on the radio. So what the heck!! Since the ingredients were I granted his wish with LOVE.

Above, this was how it looked. Please don't laugh at me ya...especially my Malaysian buddies. Heheeee....

Beside that, I prepared some risoles filled with tuna+mayo. Served when they were still warm...dipped in tomato sauce......soooo delicious! So what's your family menu....? *winks*

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Really Love Their Creativity and Cooperation...

I always see this sweet and creative mummy blogger Merryn's Crafty-Crafted visiting my blog and leave comments too. Then recently I hopped into her blog and found out a contest that she is running which is still going on too. So I think.... why not have a lucky try.
Merryn and her son together love to do crafts. There are lots of things that we can do during the free time with the kids actually. But I also wonder...her boy Ethan is such a darling boy who gives full cooperation during their art and crafty time. I will surely try out the handycrafts made by them. They are very attractive, cute and adorable...and fun-to-look too!

Mayo Bread Pudding - MummyHanan's

I tried this recipe last 2 days ago. I always see this at MummyHanan's blog *thanks* as this is her kids' favourite pudding. So......have a go with the ingredients....

60g bread
100ml fresh milk
50g sugar (adjustable)
1 egg
2 spooons mayonaise
2 teaspoons vanilla essence

Firstly --> milk + egg + sugar + Mayo + vanilla

Secondly --> arrange the bread slices in a baking tin
Thirdly --> pour the first mixture into the bread slices in the baking tin
Fourthly --> bake in the oven

Fifthly --> ENJOY!!!

My personal comment --> First, I felt the taste was very weird which might be because of the mayo and sugar combination. But I kept this pudding the fridge overnight. Only last nite we ate again...amazingly the taste turned *yummy*......
Oh ya...a little adjustment by me....I dropped a little bit of condensed milk on top of the pudding. I did this because it seemed that the mayo had dominated the taste.

The Reason Why...

Salam Ramadhan to all my Muslim buddies...A big hi to all my blogging buddies......

Here I am....yup! I have been absent for quite a long time. I'm not going anywhere but gotta be hand off my lovely pink BabySonyVaio because...I was having such a terrible muscular pain or in other words I badly sprained my muscles from the neck to my left shoulder blade to my hip. ;(

Too bad that I couldn't even lift my left arm and look straight at a right angle. Not only a result of being so blood pressure was found above borderline (although the Doctor said 'considered OK') 140/80. I was prescribed with Ibuprofen painkillers and muscle relaxant tablets. Beside all these medical prescription, I knew that a body massage would do too.

And I was very lucky to be told my my jobmate about "Jag Therapy" founded by Dr. K. R. I. Jagadish. I have not known about this before (poor me!). Here, I was attended by his daughter, Latha, who gave me three sessions of theraputic massage in order to bring back to normal my dislocated muscles. Right after my 3rd session yesterday, I felt 85% better and I'm realy happy now that I could move up my face, although I could still feel a little bit of the muscular pain. Syukur Alhamdullilah....

So, my advice if you ever sprain your muscles or experience muscular pain, have a try with this therapy. Currently, it is located at Spg 712 Kg Salambigar, Jalan Muara. Insya Allah, everything will be fine.

To Latha....thank you very much and nice knowing you too!! This place is the place to go for healing, whether it is the mind, body or soul.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Darling Habibi

15th August (Saturday) was Habibi's birthday. The celebration of his birthday will be on during the festive season of Hari Raya soon. So, to mark his 3rd birthday, we only had a little celebration at grannies' home today, Sunday. I made only four big-sized cupcakes with the pictures of his favourite cartoon characters namely Pocoyo, Elly and Elmo. Beside these, I made chocolate brownies topped with Cadbury's choc melt. It was such a sweet moment although it was just a simple one.
*I love my family*
Habibi got birthday presents from my siblings and parents *thanks*. Below~Habibi received his birthday presents happily. Opps! Habibati why you looked so unhappy sweetie?
Below ~ There you are have one too! (too bad the pic was blur)We only had our food catered to Grannies' home since we didn't have time to cook.
Happy birthday Darling...Ummi, Ayah and Adik love you for eternity...Syukur Alhamdullilah.

Friday, August 14, 2009

The Birthday Present Hunt

Habibi's 3rd birthday will be tomorrow, so we went out to Hua Ho Manggis Mall to hunt for his birthday present. We let him choose which one he desired. He took such a long time browsing the toys.
He was attracted by this Dinasours set. But I didn't really agree because these would surely scare Habibati and would certainly make her cry with fear. Phew..! He changed his mind and chose this one then...see below.
But still packed with the frightening dinasours. Then...I distracted his attention and let him see this Aerodrome set. But he said 'no' no'...;(

At last he chose 'not other than' a ROBOT!! Again Habibi???
Actually he has got so many robots already and some of them are now in 'critical' conditions. He carried his robot himself after being checked and fixed with batteries. So heavy ya...O..o...there was something else catching his attention...he put down his robot and got himself here...see below *giggles*
Habibi...just wait till you are big enough to ride this one ya... We were happy that Habibi didn't insist on buying this one....*smile* Below shows the 'Dressing Table' for Habibati. (MummyGwen~Now I realized that it was not exactly like Gwen's prize *chuckles*)What we had for that evening at Ideal Cafe and Grill....yummy!
The Robot... The Birthday Boy With His Robot....Action!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Family Day-Out

This entry should have been posted few weeks earlier. This is only posted today due to my hectic schedule as well as my 'laziness' to update. Now that I'm back, I would love to share these happy and fun moments together at the Gerai Perayaan in the celebration of His Majesty's 63rd Birthday anniversary.

These were the gass-filled balloons which each cost BND4-BND5. Of course my kids (and yours too!) would love them very much. Despite the expensive price, we had to buy them for our kids just to make them happy. The objective of the outing was to make them happy heheee. As for our kids..these will always last only up to 3days ;(

We tied the string of the balloons onto the kids' belt. But Habibi didnot want because he wanted to hold it himself. Just be careful Habibi....
Opps! You see below...Habibi's balloon had flown into the air. We ended up buying another one again for this poor guy..... ;0

I really like this one below....What we usually buy every year......"sotong tutuk" or pounded smoked dried squid. But I don't like spicy dip or sambal. Just BND1 per packet.
Another one....Thailand cheap now...only BND3 per kilo.Something to attract children's attention as well parents' $$$$$.............Habibi inclusive!

In the end....Ayah became the balloons seller! *giggles* Balloons! balloons.....!