Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Kindy Registration

We enrol the kids here.. It is quite a new school owned by the principal himself who was a retired education officer. Both Habibi and Habibati will be on the same level, Kindergarten 1. The school fee for a year is BND$1 200 for each child. We decide to pay monthly BND$120 monthly because we still can't foresee how they would adapt to the new situation. Payment in lump sum is accepted too but UNRETURNABLE, so to be on the safe side..we prefer to pay monthly (*_^)
Their school uniforms...so cute and I like the colour too....*just can't wait to see our kids wearing these*
So lucky, I bought a pair of black shoes with mickey mouse symbol for Habibati last night...but I still wonder what that Japanese writings mean....*anyone..help please explain* tnx :D The other pair was for Habibi which weren't the original NIKE of course!
These were what they did after the registration.....Habibati dragged us to the mini playground of the school. I am afraid that they will force the kindy teacher to bring them here...*hope no..* The schooling will starts on the 4th January 2010. The books will only be distributed on that day too. So all the best to our kids....to the other kindy-to-be kids....to the anxiuos parents like us too....

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Night Outing At Jerudong Park Playground

We were off for the night outing at JPP which was the kids' first time. This playground was very popular before due to its free rides and entrance. Now the rides are very limited and most of them are closed @~@. However, the main objective was to make the kids happy...so....we just enjoyed whatever was available....
Purchasing the tickets first....with the eager Habibati....
The dancing fountain.....
Our delighted kids....
The JPP monument

Habibi was afraid of the horse replica...but Habibati wasn't....
I love this picture with the 'camel' but too bad it was spoilt by that 'dangerous pose' on the left! *Politely, I had asked that kid to move away but he was 'frozen' there...arrghhhh!*
I notice lately...Habibati has this kind of pose when I asked her to smile....I bet this is her signature pose!!
The carousel ride....which Habibati cried for more but we were running out of the ride tickets already! Unfortunately... the ticket counter was closed too!
The Pirate ship...Habibi and Ayah were on their swings....! Very funny, Habibati got scared that she almost cried...we had to ask the person in-charge to stop....*giggle*
The caterpillar ride...a better one for them...
Up-closed Habibi.....kiss...kiss....on the cheek....Our sweaty Habibati.....My Hubby's order which he shared with Habibi --> Kolo Mee *but it didn't look like the typical one...but Hubby said yummy*
I was sharing with Habibati --> Chicken Fried Mee Hoon *not that nice*The maid's portion --> Bakso *I purposely ordered this for her as she must be missing her hometown dish*

We went home at about 10 plus p.m. and the kids weren't sleepy yet...arriving home...they were more active and repeatedly recalling their fun experiences at JPP. What a night to remember....

Monday, December 21, 2009

Layered Beef Cream Crakers

These are the ingredients :

Pan-fry the garlics, shallots and onions with the QBB ghee. Then put in some curry (sorry, it wasn't there in the pic above) and after that pop in the premium minced beef. Dash in some salt and sugar to taste. Stir till tender.
These cream crackers are dipped in the milk and arranged nicely as shown above. Then layer them with the cooked beef on top of each other. Layer by layer and sprinkle some spring onions. Lastly, whip a large egg + remaining milk and pour onto the layered cream crackers. Then..off to the oven....at 170 for 25-30 minutes......drooling over this recipe? Have a try......*winks*

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Our Weekends and Public Holidays

I am having such a great time with the kids whilst the holiday is still going on...but too bad my hubby still has to work for the whole December! So, during the weekend...Ayah will bring us out as that's the only way we can feel the holiday touch although inside the country only (';*).
These are the random pictures of how we spent our holiday during the weekend and public holidays *_*

We had fun at the Funland Arcade...
The toys they chose and 'forced' Ayah to buy @~@
The Barney sandals for them.........
We were tempted to buy these kiddie 'horses' only at BND$30 each at Promart.

Catching up with the mobile icecream van....to enjoy the cool moment with Mister Softy.... Yum..yum!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Cute New Pins

I had these cute pins delivered to my house by Dania Azra Online Shop. Each cost $2 but I bought more than 5 pieces then each pin had cost me only $1.50. I purposely bought these pins for Habibati and of course I love their cuteness! I am glad that Habibati loves all the pins and what makes me giggle is that she licks the icecream and lollipop pins!
Which one of these do you think is the cutest....?
As for me...the blue gown.... (';*)

Friday, December 11, 2009

UR's Homemade Chocoffee Chips Cookies

Yesterday I had a feeling of baking some homemade cookies. Actually I was some kind of drooling over Liza's cookies so why not I make my own (';'). So I got myself into the kitchen and ready to bake my version of "Chocoffee Chips Cookies".
The recipe to share:
125g unsalted butter
2 cups of self-raising flour
1 cup of MILO
2 pinches of instant nescafe powder
Half cup of brown sugar
1 grade "A" egg
Chocolate chips
Methods : Melt the butter then pop in the rest (except choc chips) of the ingredients and mix everything well (for less than a minute) at the very low speed only. Then add in the chocolate chips..as for me....the more the better...the merrier!

......after that.....bake for 10-12 minutes....at 160 degrees. Ta..daaaaa!

My family loves these homemade cookies.....yummy!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Growing Mushrooms (Trial)

Remember my previous post about the mushroom cultures my hubby bought at the expo? Here they are....
I was overjoyed seeing the oyster mushrooms grows healthily. The other pack is still growing small mushrooms. Guess what? We only place them in our store room....*giggle*
However, the black mushrooms are not growing well. We might have to change the place or sprinkle more water..... :(
I harvested the oyster mushrooms for tonight's dinner. I cooked them with cucumber and added a little bit of shrimp paste. Delicious......!