Monday, September 14, 2009

Our Sungkai Menu For Today...

For today's sungkai, we had these.....cendol with coconut milk. Cg Hjh Zuraini's 'sedekah' for thank you Cg Hjh for your generousity and thought. It was sssoooooo delicious...
Then, I cooked Tuna Fried Rice. Actually hubby was the one who would cook..but since he was very busy doing his radio script so I took his place for today. This was the outcome and he said that my tuna fried rice just couldn't beat his version of tuna fried rice... (",) ok lah baby..I admit it. I will never beat you...
The Tuna fried rice was paired with my version of 'Tomato and Achovies Fried Sambal' and now my hubby said "mmmmm...very delicious". I felt great instantly.. LOL.We also had local yellow durian fritters. So classically yummy...even my kids loved these.
Then came my favourite Durian Polo (what's being called here..). I love this better than the local yellow durian because the flesh of the durian is easier to be eaten and not very sticky. You know I can eat up one whole of this type of durian. :P But most of all, my love for the Thai Monthong will always never change..ehehee

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Having fun with marker pens...

While my mom and I were having a chat, at the same time the kids were enjoying their time with my markerpens. Thank God that the markers weren't the permanent ones. I just couldn't be angry with them ...instead my mom and I laughed out loud...hahahaaa...such innocent curious with the markers and tried out something fun with the marker pens.
Above ~ Habibati's innocent look... :P
Below ~ Habibi's cool look.... ;)

So teaching moms out out for your ever curious kids. Keep away your stationery case from your kids. I really learnt my lesson well now!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

So chocolatey yummy....

I would love to share a recipe that had been put into trial and error by Zhoewynz....but considered a success in the end... *winks* thanks buddy!!
I have tried twice ( the first one was not successful..sorry no post about that ;p ). So on this very lucky second try...I was delighted that I managed to improve the texture of the cake. I prefer to classify this as a's name is CHOCOLATE FONDANT/CHOCOLATE LAVA. Have a click at this address below:
The outcome was as shown above. Although it didnot really look like the real choc fondant (as being demonstrated by the chef but I am TOTALLY satisfied especially with the rich-chocolatey taste of the 'lava' or 'pulp'. Just becareful with the baking duration, as instructed..we should provide only 6 minutes. So NEVER overbake what I did before on the first trial. Poor me!
So have a go with this recipe.....BELIEVE are going to be madly in love with the richness of the chocolate fondant...good luck...
In addition to this post --> We prefer to scoop the choc fondant right from the aluminium moulds...mmm....

Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Ramadhan Bazaar

Yesterday only I felt like going to the Ramadhan Bazaar. I did not prepare anything for the sungkai thus we went there. Habibati joined us, the brother was still having his cozy afternoon nap(he doesn't like his sleep to be disturbed). Here are the random pictures of the delicacies and fruits sold at the bazaar.
The smoked fish...we only bought the sardines(my fav) which cost BND5 for 2pieces....Aha....these were good too. I'm sure everybody knows these local kuehs..the "pulut panggang" . We choose the ones with prawns and beef fillings which cost 6 pieces for BND2 only. They tasted fabulous.
The local colourful "bingka" but I was only attracted to the "bingka susu". The taste was OK...and not so sweet. BND1 per piece.
These were the bbq section. The bbq sticks were nicely arranged and could possibly attract customers...especially by the look of the bbq sauce. But not me..anyway! But, do you notice something? "soset" or sausage?? *giggles*

The irresistable fruits...

...durians...I wanted to buy...but hubby said "no need lah.." :(

...kembayau... I forced myself into buying these. I know they were not the local ones. So they sold them at half kilo for BND5. So expensive eih...
Habibati was enjoying the ride on Ayah's shoulder. Look at her...she was wearing the same Mickey's T-shirt again...again...with the Mickey's cap.She refused to put on other clothes. In this oufit, she looked like a boy ;)

Friday, September 4, 2009

Our Friday....

It was a relaxing Friday. I feel better than few days before despite that I still feel some numbness on my left arm. I am thankful to Allah for bestowing upon me the effort and strength to carry on with the fasting and be able to prepare something for breaking the fast.
As for the kids, they spent their time playing together happily. Teasing each other is normal and either one will always cry for help or attention. They like to play with the playdough together and make a mess in end! However..we really love their creations with the dough. Below...Habibati is wearing the Mickey mouse gown again...again...again... ;)
Quite a mess! ;P
For sungkai, we had these dishes. Actually I wanted to go to the Ramadhan bazaar to look for something attractive to my taste. But...since these ingredients were available in the fridge..I better made myself. Saved money..saved energy..saved time...!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Hubby and the kitchen!

Yesterday..we broke the fast with the Thai taste. Actually..I saw the picture of the dish at my love-to-cook buddy's blog Liza*click here* . So....this was the result. I made this according to my taste and instinct...heheeee.... My hubby's comment - Grade A...burp! Alhamdullilah....

Then, just now...he conquered the kitchen. He cooked our favourite dish namely HERBAL LAMB FRIED RICE. I did a little helping only... and this was the yummy when it was completed with the fried sambal (by my mom) and prawn crackers.He asked for my comment. So darling hubby, be happy with the Grade A+


This dish is very aromatic and healthy as it is cooked with herbs like lemon grass, bunga kantan and pengaga.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Vico Cake

I was craving for this cake since last week. But I don't have the recipe. I made the best use of the internet and worked my fingers to hunt for the recipe. I got it finally! This late afternoon I put this one into action.
250 gram butter
250 gram VICO
180g Nestum (Original)
1 packet Marie biscuits
1/2 can condensed milk
2 eggs
Some oats sprinkles

Melt the butter. In a separate bowl, whisk the eggs and condensed milk. Then pour the mixture into the melted butter. Mix well and cook with very low heat. Then, put in the VICO and Nestum and again mix well together. When it gets quite sticky or thicken, pop in the halfed Marie biscuits. Switch off the heat and continue mixing well.....

Transfer this mixture into the baking tin and flatten it well. Sprinkle generously some VICO powder and oats on top of the cake. Leave the cake to cool......that's all......
Beside that, we had this black pepper fried kue tiaw for sungkai hubby said it was super delicious "macam makan di restaurant hi-class hotel" Opps!!! Ye ke? Anyway...I'm satisfied....Alhamdullilah...