Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Vico Cake

I was craving for this cake since last week. But I don't have the recipe. I made the best use of the internet and worked my fingers to hunt for the recipe. I got it finally! This late afternoon I put this one into action.
250 gram butter
250 gram VICO
180g Nestum (Original)
1 packet Marie biscuits
1/2 can condensed milk
2 eggs
Some oats sprinkles

Melt the butter. In a separate bowl, whisk the eggs and condensed milk. Then pour the mixture into the melted butter. Mix well and cook with very low heat. Then, put in the VICO and Nestum and again mix well together. When it gets quite sticky or thicken, pop in the halfed Marie biscuits. Switch off the heat and continue mixing well.....

Transfer this mixture into the baking tin and flatten it well. Sprinkle generously some VICO powder and oats on top of the cake. Leave the cake to cool......that's all......
Beside that, we had this black pepper fried kue tiaw for sungkai too......mmmmmm......my hubby said it was super delicious "macam makan di restaurant hi-class hotel" Opps!!! Ye ke? Anyway...I'm satisfied....Alhamdullilah...


Cath J said...

Owww.... I must try that Vico cake!! Thank you for the recipe.. ^_^

Liza said...

hehehe tq eh resepi mu atu..i dah liat jua blog org brunei tadi tapi inda bagi resepinya...liatkan gambar saja..boring jua tu..insyaalah i will make it tomorrow if i hv time

Mummy Gwen said...

Want to know something just google for it..hehe. I think kids would love your Vico cake. Looks delicious. The fried kuey teow too. :)

MeRy said...

Vico cakes looks yummy...nextime must try it out.
Ur kids also can eat spicy food? Thats good...Both me n hubby are spicy food lover,with black pepper +kue tiau,make a good combination.