Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The End of Academic Year's Wrap Ups

So many events have taken place just before the very last dot of the academic year 2010. Some random pictures of us at school during the parents' day and academic awards celebration.
.....with my hardworking colleagues....
......with my supportive collegues...........with my lovely Year 6 girls.....may they have very bright future undertakings...amin....

Right after that...I rushed to our kids' school...to sign their progress report cards. Hubby could not come with me as he had to handle and carry out the planned course.
Syukur Alhamdulillah.....
Our girl, Habibati, has done an excellent job during the final year examination.
Habibati's prize and certificate...she became the second best in her class. Her teacher said that she lost marks in her colouring part *as expected...she hates colouring* (^;^)
Our boy, Habibi still needs more practice and assistance...anyway...thumb up Habibi.....Ummi & Ayah will always do our very best to assist you darling.
......with the dedicated Teacher Balqis....
......with the helpful Teacher Billah......The kids' projects. To portray the sense of belonging and appreciation....we decide to will paste all these projects on the walls....in the tv area....
This is Habibati's prize. When she opened the box and took out the alarm clock...she instantly asked me why wasn't the alarm clock pink? I giggled....and told her that...at least the worm was pink! She smiled and nodded in happiness.....^_^.....she now has her favourite colour already....which is pink...just like the Ummi!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Habibati's First Time Going To The Mosque

Ayah brought Habibati along to perform the Maghrib prayer at Masjid Kg Bunut...on the Aidil Adha eve few weeks ago. I could not go along as I had to look after Habibi at home. We are still not confident to bring Habibi as he is quite active.....so Ayah only tagged Habibati first.
She got ready with her pink cottony 'telekung'. She looked angelic in it. It was actually Habibati's birthday present given by my sister in-law.

Sitting on the stairs...at the mosque's entrance.

*Semoga menjadi anak Ummi&Ayah yang solehah..yang taat kepada Allah SAW..amin*

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Qurban Beef

A simple recipe I would love to share...

Firstly....marinate the thinly sliced meat with the following ingredients :

Tumeric powder
Oyster sauce
Sweet soy sauce
Maggie tomato sauce
Maggie Chilli sauce
Chilli paste
Maggie Chicken stock powder

After at least 30 minutes....fry the marinated meat. Then, put aside.

In another pan, saute some slices of big onions, crushed garlic, blended shallots and ginger until fragrant. Then pop in the fried beef and stir fry well....mix in some chilli sauce again and Maggie Cukup Rasa granules to taste. Lastly....enjoy!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Dollie : Before and After

I have blogged about this little cute Dollie BEFORE....

Our little girl brought this little Dollie to her school.....I didn't agree at first...but...she started to become sad and said that she would take care of her Dollie. I had no choice but to let her bring her Dollie.

Then as expected.....

This was how the Dollie looked like AFTER school... @_@

Moreover...I wondered...how could Dollie's hair become bright pink when it is not pleated anymore...*giggles*

Monday, November 22, 2010

Sarra' is mine!

Our little girl has been whining to have a baby sister of her own @,@. Thus when we go to my parents' crib, our kids will be the most excited as they are going to see 'their baby' soon...my sister is spending her confinement period there.
Habibati loves to hold baby Sarra' in her arms. She says she would take care of 'her' baby and will sleep by 'her' baby's side every night.
Baby Sarra' was on my chest...sleeping cozily. She is growing well and her cheeks are getting chubbier.
Both Habibati and Habibi never fail to 'disturb' the baby.....*LOL*...

When it was time to go home...Habibati would cry aloud as she requested the baby to be brought home along with her...(*,*)...! My mom had to soothe her....*giggle*

Sunday, November 21, 2010

The 'Rocking' Cotton Candies

I haven't introduced the kids to cotton candies a.k.a gulali...until one day..during the grocery shopping...I secretly bought a set of 2 cotton candies for the kids. I hid these candies away and placed them safely in the cabinet. Actually I would like to give them sometime later as they have been eating lots of sweet foodies lately. Yea...I know is not advisable to let the kids take lots of sweets and candies but I just want them to experience the fun of 'crunching' the fluffy cotton candies ^_^

Unfortunately one day...when the time came to introduce these to them...I found something weird had happened.

The fluffiness had completely gone!
They had shrunk and had become two hard 'rocks'!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Don't Touch!

Our boy, Habibi, loves toys...just like the other growing children do. Of all his toys....we notice that...Habibi is very fond of collecting toy guns and pistols. When we are going to the toy sections in any departmental stores, he would surely make this 'shooting' kind of toys to be his very first choice. @_@

One afternoon...he was alone as the sissy was asleep. I observed his action with his favourite toys. I secretly snapped this picture. I wasn't actually sure what he was going to do with the hari raya envelopes too...LOL

Until I got nearer and saw what happened.....
.....I tried to disturb his 'project' by taking one envelope away from one of the pistols. He was angry at me....and strictly said "NO!" *giggles*

Then the next morning....I saw this....
...........as the table spread! Boys will always be boys!

Friday, November 19, 2010

The Science Quest 2010

This morning we had the SCIENCE QUEST activity at SR Lumapas. It was scorching hot but the pupils and the teachers had real fun. There were 106 pupils from 15 primary schools in Brunei IV zone took part in the Science Quest. The pupils were mixed up and clustered into 7 groups. I was selected as one of the facilitators too.
We took a picture in the sun.....very hot...very thirsty....it was around 8 plus in the morning.... ~,~
The magic presentation by the 3 little clowns...well done!
Our group is ATLANTIS...and we turned to be the 'champion' for the quest....our pupils in the group was very much excited...all the hard work was paid off! *standing ovation* I didn't bring my camera when the activities were on...so there was no pictures taken by me...*hoping to get more pictures from the hosting school*
The members of Atlantis were lining up to receive the trophies, prizes and certificates.
Then...our turn to receive our gifts. A lovely Parker Pen and a certificate. Thank you (*,*)
These were our own pupils from my school, SR Bengkurong. Two of our boys won the Bonus questions prizes too....well done!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Having some sushi rolls..

Yesterday, I had some sushi rolls brought home by hubby. The person who made these marvelous sushi rolls was a Muslim Korean lady who happened to be one of the Civil Servant Course participants delivered by my hubby. Thank you very much...for sparing some of these delicacies. I love sushi but of course not those with the uncooked salmon. There is one of the Korean popular healthy foodies named "kimchi". I would really love to try this one...but just don't know where to find here. So...I hope I can contact her...if she could sell one portion for me. I will share with you if I have had...have eaten the "kimchi".

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Out of plan.........

Last Sunday we planned to visit the Techxpo at the International Conventional Center. We would love the kids to have some close encounters with the locally-invented robots there. So with full of enthusiasm, we packed needed things such as bottled milk, water, diapers etc... as quick and appropriate as possible. While waiting for me to dress up, hubby put all the kids' thingies into the car. However, Habibi fell asleep after drinking his milk. So...hubby lift up the sleeping prince charming and transported him into the car. We excitedly headed off to our destination...thinking that Habibi would wake up as soon as we reached ICC.

When we arrived...I could see so many cars and people entering and leaving the expo. I thought we would have to park our car so far away from the entrance. But..I was wrong. Luckily, we got the perfect parking space just i front of the entrance ^_^

Habibati and I just couldn't wait to get inside and Habibi was fully awake too! Then...something had gone WRONG!!!!



Habibi's shoes were accidentally LEFT at home....!

How in the world could he comfortably explore the TechExpo on FOOT? Oh my....nobody was to be blamed...instead...we laughed at our 'silliness' and 'ignorance'. So...the solution...we had to buy a pair of new shoes for him at any nearest stores.

We went to BATA which was stil having discounts up to 70%. Unplanned...Habibi had himself a pair of gorgeous sports shoes. He was very much excited (^,^) on that day...

This pair cost around BND$20plus after the 50% discount...a good deal!

These are Habibati's favourite gem biscuits. She loves PINK too*just like Ummi*...so she only eat the ones with the pink icing...!
My childhood memories suddenly lingered into my mind....I used to eat the colourlful icing only...and threw away the biscuits...*giggles*.
We had chicken briyani...so yummy...despite the 'not-so-attractive' presentation. Then....as usual...the day-out wouldn't be complete without buying the kids some toys....actually...we were being FORCED to buy! hahahaa
This cute little Dollie to match the miniature furniture.

However what about the TechXpo?
We changed the plan.....as it was too late already and we had to rush to my parents' in-law house that late afternoon....what an unplanned day-out!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Kids' Drawings

These are the kids' first free-hand drawings. The above pictures show Habibi was drawing a 'person'....he managed to show the person's hands and legs. He holds the pencil like this...after so many practices. Anyway....well done baby!

Below is Habibati's free-hand drawing of our family members. She told us....that.......
.....from left to right...the round one is Ummi @,@....then Ayah (the square-faced like SpongeBob)...then followed by her (the smaller round girlie) and the smaller squared-faced is Habibi. It is so funny to look at her drawings that hubby and I laughed out loud together. But deep in our hearts...we valued this...and will get these drawings laminated and framed.
And last but not the least...the alphabets in capital letters and the numbers from 1-20 she has written. She could also now recite numbers until 60 already in English.