Friday, November 19, 2010

The Science Quest 2010

This morning we had the SCIENCE QUEST activity at SR Lumapas. It was scorching hot but the pupils and the teachers had real fun. There were 106 pupils from 15 primary schools in Brunei IV zone took part in the Science Quest. The pupils were mixed up and clustered into 7 groups. I was selected as one of the facilitators too.
We took a picture in the sun.....very hot...very was around 8 plus in the morning.... ~,~
The magic presentation by the 3 little clowns...well done!
Our group is ATLANTIS...and we turned to be the 'champion' for the quest....our pupils in the group was very much excited...all the hard work was paid off! *standing ovation* I didn't bring my camera when the activities were there was no pictures taken by me...*hoping to get more pictures from the hosting school*
The members of Atlantis were lining up to receive the trophies, prizes and certificates.
Then...our turn to receive our gifts. A lovely Parker Pen and a certificate. Thank you (*,*)
These were our own pupils from my school, SR Bengkurong. Two of our boys won the Bonus questions prizes too....well done!


Liz said...

Congratulation on your hardwork to make SR Bengkurong being the champion...

MeRy said...


UmmiRosma said...

Liz ~ It's the Atlantis Group turned to be the which the members are mixed up...

MeRy ~ tnx dear =)