Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Out of plan.........

Last Sunday we planned to visit the Techxpo at the International Conventional Center. We would love the kids to have some close encounters with the locally-invented robots there. So with full of enthusiasm, we packed needed things such as bottled milk, water, diapers etc... as quick and appropriate as possible. While waiting for me to dress up, hubby put all the kids' thingies into the car. However, Habibi fell asleep after drinking his milk. So...hubby lift up the sleeping prince charming and transported him into the car. We excitedly headed off to our destination...thinking that Habibi would wake up as soon as we reached ICC.

When we arrived...I could see so many cars and people entering and leaving the expo. I thought we would have to park our car so far away from the entrance. But..I was wrong. Luckily, we got the perfect parking space just i front of the entrance ^_^

Habibati and I just couldn't wait to get inside and Habibi was fully awake too! Then...something had gone WRONG!!!!



Habibi's shoes were accidentally LEFT at home....!

How in the world could he comfortably explore the TechExpo on FOOT? Oh my....nobody was to be blamed...instead...we laughed at our 'silliness' and 'ignorance'. So...the solution...we had to buy a pair of new shoes for him at any nearest stores.

We went to BATA which was stil having discounts up to 70%. Unplanned...Habibi had himself a pair of gorgeous sports shoes. He was very much excited (^,^) on that day...

This pair cost around BND$20plus after the 50% discount...a good deal!

These are Habibati's favourite gem biscuits. She loves PINK too*just like Ummi* she only eat the ones with the pink icing...!
My childhood memories suddenly lingered into my mind....I used to eat the colourlful icing only...and threw away the biscuits...*giggles*.
We had chicken yummy...despite the 'not-so-attractive' presentation. usual...the day-out wouldn't be complete without buying the kids some toys....actually...we were being FORCED to buy! hahahaa
This cute little Dollie to match the miniature furniture.

However what about the TechXpo?
We changed the it was too late already and we had to rush to my parents' in-law house that late afternoon....what an unplanned day-out!


anney said...

Though the plan was changed, I'm sure the kids were happy to receive new toys! Great looking new shoes too!

UmmiRosma said...

Anney ~ tnx....the unexpected new shoes too! LOL

CathJ said...

hihihi... mcm mana la boleh lupa kasut tu... hihihi... :D