Sunday, November 29, 2009

At The Agriculture and Agri Food Expo '09

Last Friday we went to the expo at Tungku Agricultural Area. It was so hot that we felt hot and sticky. However, we really had fun time there. Here I would love to share some pictures at the expo.Above ~The potted plants for sale.

Below ~ I love these sweet duku more than langsats...sold at BND$4 per kilo. Yes I bought a kilo only :D
Above ~ The padi seedlings exhibited...looked more like grass to me :)

Below ~ I love petunias...but I managed to force myself not to buy....*although I was awfully tempted* We have had couples of these before but they didn't last long.... :(Above ~ The layered cakes....colourful and attractive...

Below ~ This is called Sulang fruit. The flesh of the fruits can be used to make yellow rice or 'nasi kuning'. The natural food colourant.

Above ~ I took the rice sensory test.

Below ~ The kids played with the styrofoam mushroom.
Above ~ This orchids are expensive....but these were planted along the walkways there.

Below ~ Just look at the Q...lining up for the trailer @~@

Above ~ This was the trailer that brought visitors round the gardens and orchards.

Below ~ The mushroom I wish I had this.

Above ~ The Giant's Ears mushrooms...cultured inside the mushroom house.

Below ~ Our kids enjoyed seeing the chickens and cocks.Above ~Habibi and Habibati were overjoyed with their up-closed encounter with the baby goat.
Below ~ The colourful chicks....sold at BND$2 each.
Above ~ I did't buy any of them...but had a chance to hold one of them....and of course the pink one :P
Below ~ These were emus...and Habibati called "big bird"....I tried to zoom in the picture but someone else had entered the frame *giggles*
Above ~ The pond of lilies...and other aquatic I wish I had this one too :)
Below ~ We saw some farmers there...but by looking at their faces...they sure weren't local. But something had attracted my attention when I took a picture of them.....Can you guess what?

***scroll down***



***Let me zoom in***

Taa daaaaaa....! Nice hair ya (';^) Below ~ Our double H were very tired, thirsty, hot and sticky :P Below ~ What we bought there....

The roast ribs with bbq sauce...the new local product and tasted super delicous...sold at BND6.90 per box.

The hydroponic favourite greenies.

Oyster and Giants' ear mushrooms cultures.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

A short time at the going-to-be School....

By next year both Habibati and Habibi will be schooling at Kesuma Mekar School just nearby my hubby's office. Things will be easy.....I mean....sending off and fetching them from school because that's his job too .One thing that makes this school favourable to us is..."NO TRAFFIC JAM" :P
Above ~ The school uniforms...nice colour for children. Below ~ The kindergarten class....interesting...air-conditioned....

The pricipal of this school has suggested us to bring our kids here just to familiarize them with the environment so that they can easily adapt to the "kindie" situation next year. So, last Saturday, my hubby brought one kid at a time *I can't join them* Habibati first.
Above ~ My hubby said she was quite shy with kindie friends there...but she showed her interest in manipulating the educational teaching aids there.
Below ~ She forced Ayah to bring her to play the slide there too! @~@
I asked my hubby why didn't she put down her jacket hood...I wonder....then hubby simply said she wanted it that way.... :P
Above ~ Taking a snap with the kids shy Habibati was...she requested to be carried by heavy 15kg...*giggles*
Below~ Kiddie ride? No lah...the school is not facilitated by these kiddie rides...Ayah treated Habibati with this Mickey ride...before sending her off home :)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Nutritious "Salad"

I need these winged beans or kacang sirip as we call this here...mmm....refreshing... I need this lovely torch ginger or bunga kantan.....mmmm....aromatic....
I need some kedondong.....or ambarella fruits.....mmmm...sweet-sour....
As a result......we had this as our side dish for dinner last night....
Just look at the colour blends....nice ya....
Their health benefits:
Ambarella fruit is considered to be a good source of vitamin C and it is suggested that is has some value in aiding diabetes, heart ailment and urinary troubles. Winged bean is a good source of protein. It contains abundant natural vitamins, minerals, and enzymes. The torch ginger flowers are considered to be one of the medicinal herbs that can maintain youthfulness in women.
Note : I google up the above images and information...and paste them here to share with you all...
*thanks Mr Google and the owners of these images*

Eeeeee.....the creepy crawly....

Our kids love to go to the kitchen and do their explorations. I don't favour this at all as we know kitchen is one of the dangerous domestic zones. I always lose my temper easily but yet I can't stop them that easy. They will get out and get in again @~@ They even like to climb up and down the push a chair to the sink themselves to play with disturb the stacked many mischievious acts out of their curiosity...etc..etc...
Then last night I had an idea and discussed with hubby...he agreed....and I was happy.
My idea -->Borrowing two dummy silicone lizards from a friend of mine BB a.k.a the lizards lover (';^)
So the mission was on during lunch time. My hubby attached one of the dummy lizards on the sliding window. We observed Habibati's reaction first. When she wanted to play with the tap water....we intentionally said "NO". She became angry and shouted "Adik wash hand!" So I had to carry her up to the sink and acted as if I was surprised with the 'lizard' stuck on the window slide. She instantly cried out loud and said "Adik akuuuuuuut"(Adik is afraid) repeatedly. Hehehee....our mission #1 was a success! I didnt have any pictures of her crying...sorry yea :P came our hero's story...

He didnot show his fear towards the creepy dummy. Instead...he pushed the chair and climbed up the sink to get a closer look at the dummy..OMG! He touched it and wanted to take it off the window slide.
By the way...the one next to Habibi wasn't me ya...she is our maid :> Very funny...she also thought these dummies were real ones...she took a kitchen tissue and picked the dummies...and innocently threw them into the bin...LOL
Then, hubby placed another smaller dummy on the sink....guess what....?
He touched it by the leg... ...then by the body.....yuck!
A Cicakman-to-be.....? Mission #2 was not a success at all! ;'(