Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Tutty Fruity Happy Hour

We went to treat the kids with some 'froyo' (frozen yogurt) at Tutty Fruity, City Square.

Here, in Brunei, there are only up to 6 flavours to choose....chocolate, vanilla, tf tart, pomegranate, papaya and lychee. Amongst these flavours....I love vanilla the most.

Habibi's portion...

Habibati's portion....

I certainly love these healthy frozen yogurt....I think I would love to try out the homemade ones that can be seen on YT soon....(",)....

Monday, March 19, 2012

Habibi's Archery Set

Habibi is keen and passionate about playing archery. Dearest hubby bought him (for our girl as well) this play set.

I have learnt that this game is very suitable for the kids who have difficulties in focusing...that's what we notice so far with our Habibi. His attention span is short during lessons at school.

I hope our kids will benefit much from playing this game which is to improve their hand-eye coordination as well as to help improve mental concentration, focus and composure.
Habibi is very thankful to Ayah for his generosity....love you Ayah!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Our Breakfast

After jogging, dear hubby bought us these yummy foodies for our breakfast.....thank you darling hubby....!

Nasi lemak daun pisang


Cucur udang & Cucur pisang madu (but I didn't eat them...tummy can't really stand the too oily foodies)

haaaaa....these really suit my taste.....kacang kuda & kacang tanah rebus...

What's your breakfast dear friends?

Rumah Terbalik in Sabah

I find this amazing....! *dumbfounded*

Beside being very creative.....the owner must be very rich...
I wish I could visit this place soon...

If you wish to read more please click HERE..

Note to CathJ ~ psssttttt wink-wink...

The Yummy Cencalu

We call this 'cencalu' here....I know the Malaysians too love to eat it.

My way of enjoying the cencalu....I mix with the sliced shallots, chopped green big chillies, lime juice and sliced bunga kantan...(^,^)... sedappppppp!

Has been busy with the facilitating.......

Few weeks back....my schedules were so hectic that I had so little time to update my blog. One of the reasons....I was selected as one of the trainers for the Lamap workshops (Inquiry-Based Science Education).

Here are some random pictures of the workshops......for my personal future reviews too....(^_^)...

Oh ya...we are having the First Term School Holidays starting today 15th March until 25th March 2012....wishing a happy holiday to all teachers and students in Brunei.

But as for me...I have to work ...(*_*)...I need to update my work at school as I am new there.....moreover...I am saving my 'cuti' for the upcoming September and December holidays..Insya Allah.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Outreach Programme "SMS"

I have been transferred to a new school which is just nearby our home. I have been in my new school since January 3rd this year. At first I felt frustrated upon receiving the letter of transfer....but life must go on...and I believe that Allah makes one thing to happen for a reason....so I accept it with an open heart eventually.

Now I am adjusting very well with the new working environment....the teaching and non-teaching staffs there....the pupils. I love my school very much already....!

Here, I am posting about the latest programme held recently at our school...the outreach programme named 'Sekolah Menuju Sihat'. There will be many health-concern activities carried out throughout the school term this year.

The launching of the outreach programme was held on 10th March (Saturday), officially opened by our PPKD.

Habibi and the other children were excited to catch the flying colourful confetti....(^^,)....

My new teacher friends and I....

Some exhibits about health are also displayed.....of course some are scary!

I also had my blood pressure, blood sugar and BMI checked....alhamdullilah my BP was in the normal range 128/89 .....my sugar was as shown below.....but my BMI was 26.....haha in the overweight range!

Habibi and other kids were treated with MILO sponsored by Jasra Harrisons. A luvly treat for a hot shiny day..........(",)..................

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Belimbing Buluh & Prawns

Are you familiar with these fruits? They are locally grown here....actually there are two types of these fruits....yellow and green. The scientific name is Averrhoa belimbi linn but we often call these fruits 'belimbing buluh'.

My parents have these two kinds of these fruits. Both trees bears fruits continuously throughout the year. There are many health benefits of these fruits *ask Mr Goole to help find their benefits* ...(^-^)...

What I like to do to these fruits....I cooked them following my mom's style....

....pan-fry them with little maize oil, prawns, small chillies, garlics and shallots.....yummylicious!