Monday, March 28, 2011

The Scary Cumulonimbus

It is just half past 2 in the afternoon...but is almost dark already. The thick and saturated cumulonimbus clouds are above our roofs. They look very scary too! My kids are afraid of these clouds...(^_^)...

Almost everyday it is raining here...especially at night. The world is getting old now and it seems that we are facing the bad effects of the global warming caused by us. Most fruits are no longer seasonal.....the Earth is very hot......the weathers are very unstable lately.....more natural disasters are occurring....

~~~~Allahu Akbar~~~~
~~~May peace prevail on Earth~~~
~~Let's Go Green and Save the World~~


Salam...Hi...tnx for paying me some visits and I really appreciate and thankful for the well wishes *hugs*
This is my right eye with the haemorrhage. According to the eye specialist, there is no specific medicines for it but what I shall do is to relax and to work in less stressful situations. This means that I have to manage my stress wisely. The blood vessels will heal by themselves over time. I am so thankful to Allah that my vision is not affected at all but I cannot wear contact lenses for couples of months from now on. It is not painful but I can't stand bright lights which makes me dizzy instantly. Oh ya... I nearly forget to mention what have caused the haemorrhage, the eye specialist said that this is due to the high fever, severe coughing and sneezing. The blood vessels in my right eye have ruptured.

Yesterday (Sunday) happened to be the last day of the school holiday and we spent the last bit of it at Miri, Sarawak. The actual purpose of crossing the border was to buy a new pair of specs for me!

It is very much cheaper there than in Brunei despite the good currency exchange rate. I also prefer to purchase my contact lenses here too.

Adapting to the new in specs... (-_-)
We only managed to spend our time here.....the sale was on too...but we did not do much shopping as we were afraid of being caught in the tremendously long jam at the checking points if we passed 5 p.m. Amazingly, by 2 p.m. we were back in Brunei already!

Earlier that day...we had our early breakfast at KFC....

In the car....on the way back...the knackered Habibi.... (*,*)

Habibati said she was 'selling' cookies in the car....the play dough she had forced Ayah to buy!
Cookies for sale...!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My Health Issues

It has been a while that I didn't update. While doing this update, I am all alone staying up late after gulping my medicines. It is 1.30 a.m here... (+_=)

My body temperatures are still around 37.7 above. Lately almost every night my nose bleeds. I just couldn't stand these situations...whenever I try to blow my bleeds (on the right nostril only)...when I sneeze, it bleeds....when I cough during my sleep, it bleeds again... :(

The worst case scenario ---> I have some kind of haemorrhage on my right eye.

Half of my right eye's white part is now becoming red! I myself don't dare to see my image on the scarred...POOR me! *Another test from Allah*

Tomorrow is my appointment with the eye specialist. I start to become nervous when I think of what procedures the specialist will do to my eye..and I'm pretty sure that I will be referred to the ENT specialist too regarding my frequent nose bleeds.

I don't even dare to browse about the whats/whys/effects/etc..etc... (as a result of being so scarred). I don't want those negative things affects my I have to wait for the eye specialist's comments and advices only.

Please pray for my wellness....thank you....and will update the soonest....

Saturday, March 19, 2011

So far so good....

Habibati and I are getting better now, alhamdullilah. But something else has come up to me....both my eyes were infected. I felt very uncomfortable as I could not stand the itchiness and the throbbing pain on both sides. Adding to that....I have to wear my spectacles for the whole few days from now (-_-). I hate wearing spectacles.....but if tak pakai kena raba-raba pulak! Actually my degrees for both eyes are up to 575 already! high ya...
The antibiotics drops and ointment for my eyes. The doctor gave me 3 + 1 days medical leave. So this means I will get myself to work on Tuesday.
Our boy Habibi is having fever too and followed by Ayah. His lips are bright red and his cheeks are blushing due to the body heat. Dugaan Allah...
During this fever season....I have to make sure that I'm armed with this WEAPON all the time.....!
Happy weekend everyone (--,)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

It's still early...

Habibati is getting better and now Ayah, Habibi and I are still unwell. I am glad that our girl does not reject foodies. However, she still does not want to drink her milk but plain water and milo only. Nevertheless...I still breastfeed her every night before sleep! *tak sampai hati nak stop*

This very early morning she woke me up and asked for porridge. The very heavy-headed me just have to stepp into then kitchen. To cut time shortly, I just used the leftover rice lastnight, added some water and boiled. While waiting, I switched on my lappy and did some bloghoppings...
The plain rice porridge. She likes to have it with some soy-sauce and tomato sauce.
and now I am going to spoon-feed her.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What happen today...

Our girl was feverish yesterday and at 3plus a.m. I was woken up by her. She slept uncomfortably due to her high body temperature which was 40.9 degrees. We gave her 5.5ml of pcm liquid and at around six her body temperature gradually subsided to 37.1 degrees *phew*. But I knew when the time was over, the temperature could possibly go up I packed into a plastic container the syringe containing the medicine. The teacher at school would give her right on time.
Tomorrow is the last day of schools in Brunei to enjoy the first term school holiday. At school this morning, we carried out a mass cleaning campaign. It was scorching hot but we had fun. All teachers and pupils collaborated with an aim to have a conducive and clean school.
The handy cute girls...except me....*LOL*
Teacher Safiyya and I...

And this morning dearest hubby played a practical joke on me! While I was attending to the kids...he packed up my everyday-bring-to-school thingies into the paper bag. He did ask me what I would like to bring...but I simply said "anything you wish your darling wifey to have at school" hahaha
Guess what I had found out in my paper bag?





..........a bottle of black pepper!!.............

I laughed like crazy just now and I even shared this with my other friends....*LOL* my whole body is aching and my ears start to become my body temperature is 38.9 degrees. I bet I am having that laryngitis too. I have gotta wait till hubby comes home for Habibati and I to see the doctor. Anyway...I just gulped 2 caplets of actifast. Hope this will work well with me....

See you all again...

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Our Mini BBQ

Last Sunday, we had our small bbq. The weather was nice enough for the kids to be outside. *But around this time, part of Japan was experiencing the devastating natural sad*

I only used this bbq sauce to marinate the chicken wings. The outcome was fabulous...

The 'handy helper' a.k.a 'tukang kacau' *giggle*Our happy-to-be-outside girl...

As we know that smoked foodies are actually not good for our health. The carbon can cause we have to eat a lot of shallots. I made some classic egg + cucumber salad with a lot of shallot slices.
Tadaaaa...the bbq chicken wings...

Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Multi-Seeded Bananas

Last Friday afternoon, I wanted to have some banana fritters for the afternoon tea. So we went to the nearby market to buy some bananas. For banana fritters, I like to choose 'pisang kapas' and 'pisang saba'...both types taste great. I chose the ripen 'pisang kapas' and back in the car, I plucked one of them. Then I felt something strange inside my mouth...oh my...there were so many black seeds in it. Again, I plucked another one....still there were seeds in. I was very frustrated too....but the bananas were very sweet in deed.

This morning I made them into banana fritters. I had to slice the flesh thinly on the edges. (@_@)
Here they naturally sweet...........heavenly yummy (^^,)

My Niece Sarra' Soffiya

Sarra' is now 5 months old...time flies very fast. She is growing well and now her mom starts to feed her with the blended rice plus milk.
Sarra' is the ONLY baby that I can hold and cuddle up, in front of our girl, Habibati. Other babies...I tak dapat Habibati is very jealous...hehehe
When I see the above picture...I suddenly see our girl has become such a 'big baby' already...(^^,)

We love you Sarra' Soffiya