Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Kids' First Movie Experience

The kids have been whining to be brought to the cinema to watch Toy Story 3 ever since the trailer was shown repeatedly on Disney Channel. Ayah granted their wish and I was the one who was very much excited as this was the kids' first ever experience to go to the cinema.

Here the tickets cost BND$6 per seat during the weekends but during the week days the price would be cheaper and different for the kids. After purchasing the tickets, Ayah went down to buy some pop corns and hot chocolate drinks. While waiting...I captured some pictures of the kids outside the cinema.
Our Karate Kid...his head looked real for this action, but not the hands!^_^Everybody loves Mr Bean....incuding US! *what a nice nose*
My favourite....J Lo...*thinking of buying the DVD only...*Spontaneously Habibi copied the action...shhhhhhh....

Just before the movie started...we were already eating away the yummy pop corns..
How in love Habibi is with Buzz Lightyear. *LOL* In fact they loved the movie and enjoyed their very first experience. Now the kids kept on saying that they want to watch Mr Bean again next time! And now..I am looking for the Toy Story 3 the fever of Toy Story 1 and 2 is still in the air...even on Disney Channel.


My routine is now back to normal. I usually reach home at around 1 p.m. from school and if I don't have any tasks or school activities, I will stay at home with the kids. I will transform from a teacher into a mommy! I enjoy spending the afternoons with the apples....but along the way....I keep on praying to Allah to bestow upon me the endurance and patience especially in handling our ever active and highly curious kids. I take this as a challenge as I know I would miss these moments if they grow bigger soon....(^;^)

Talking about 'transformation'....this afternoon the kids put on teamwork to transform their playhouse into something. At first, I stopped them to disassemble the parts of their playhouse..but then...on second thought...I let myself see how things went on...because I knew this 'activity' was not that dangerous. So I told myself to just wait and see what would they come up with.
In the end...they excitedly told me it was a plane!
I smiled....with my heart saying that they were smart kids already now! *LOL*

~~~Notice that our home is still quite in a mess as we just moved back here last week from my parents' house ('*;*)...I have to work in a slow pace...and still in 'trauma' after the surgery~~~Happy Weekend!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Habibati & My Lipliner

She loves to see me putting on my simple make-up and I know she is grabbing some 'knowledge' to imitate (^-^). In the car, when I apply my lipstick, she will always want to do the same too! I have no choice *because I know it's my mistake to show this action in front of her* but to let go of my lipstick and lip-liner too!
Hardheartedly...I lent her mine and let her do her 'grooming' the car too of course! She confidently held the lip-liner and applied it by herself...mmm...
Then she asked me if she looked nice *ROFL* and while talking to her..I wiped off all the 'beauty lines' clean!
Furthermore...she is now fond of wearing accessories...and I really understand why......


Monday, June 21, 2010

Habibi and his Chicken Nuggets

Our son's current favourite foodie---->chicken nuggets! This happened few nights ago, after the family dinner. He did not request for the nuggets...but then at around ten plus...he told us that he was still hungry. He pointed to the standing freezer and looked for himself...the nuggets. The kitchen was already cleaned and I had to do the 'frying' operation again!
Habibi just couldn't wait for the nuggets that he cried sadly. I managed to capture his sad moments....

....he realized....and gave some cheeky smiles in he knew his nuggets were on their way... =D
Ta daaaa! Here they are....bon appetit darling!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My Mom's Version of Kuih Kusoi

This is one of the traditional local desserts that I really love. I had a chance to practically learn how to make this dessert from my mom. This is the mom's version...

1 glass of wheat flour
1 glass of tapioca flour/starch
1 glass of rice flour
1 glass of freshly blended pandan leaves juice
2 or 3 glasses of 'gula anau'
2 spoons of sugar
4 glasses of hot water
2 spoons of gravy browning (optional)
1 teaspoon of 'air kapur'
Steamed grated coconut flesh.

Methods :
1. Mix the 'gula anau' with the pandan juice.
2. In another bowl, mix well the three types of flour with sugar and hot water.
3. Then, mix (1) and (2) together in a pot and cook it on a medium heat until the consistency is quite thick. (but not too thick and sticky ok..)
4. Then, let the batter be at room temperature for a night.
5. The next day, the batter can be poured into a baking tin or some small cake bowls.
6. Steam....and then remove the desserts from the bowls and lastly coat the desserts with the grated coconut flesh.

The Kids and the Lollipops...

Lollipops are often included in the birthday goodie bags. Our kids do not actually like to lick lollipops but once in a would be ok. They never lick and finish the lollies *thank goodness* . What I can observe...they only like to hold the lollies and lick just for fun.