Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Cheap versus Expensive

I am not a person who pays too much attention to branded goods....but somehow I do look more into the "quality" parts...as I do believe in 'value for money' too. Having said so...this does not mean that all my things are branded ok...as for my clothings and shoes...if they do look good and comfortable to wear...with affordable and reasonable prices..I would certainly go for them!

Ok let's go straight to the point here...what's up with the crayons anyway?
Our Habibati persuaded me to buy her the above set of crayons at only 70cents here *very cheap* and without hesitation I agreed. The packing was very attractive especially to the growing kid like her. She just couldn't wait to try them on her colouring book. Then guess what happen *of course as expected* ....not only they were very hard but had made the colouring messy!
See...see.....the above picture has proven what I have said. The one on the left side verses the quality STAEDTLER crayon which gives a smoother and brighter outcome (^;*)
Habibati was a bit sad with 'her new set of crayons' and I had to coax her slowly and asked her to use the ones that she has had previously...and the 'new set of crayons' had gone into the bin!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Homework Time...

The schools and Colleges in Brunei have resumed today...29th March...
Last night..we had to assist the kids in finishing up their holiday homework. It was not that hard for our little girl but we had to exert a greater 'force' on our little hero!
Just have a look at the above picture as Ayah had to snuggle Habibi up just to help him out with his homework *giggles*
Happy Schooling....Happy Teaching Again....Busy Again...Always On The Go....

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Enjoying Our Friday Brunch

Last Friday, we had our brunch at our favourite restaurant Sempoerna Enak Restaurant. The foodies here are very delicious and always meet our taste buds (*;*)
Hubby's choice....fried kue teow....My choice...Hailam noodles....The kids' choice....fried noodle soup....
To boost up our energy.....having a mug of hot milk tea...
I love their french toast here.....nyum...nyum...yummy!
.....and.......all clean gobbled up!!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

A Gift From CathJ...

Thank you dear for your generosity and thoughtfulness....I like the colour of the head scarf *of course*...
......the lotus seeds *happy*.....however, I wonder why the size is smaller than the ones that I have here...
The birthday card beautifies my the fridge....I like the design very much....so lovely...and indirectly contributes some ideas for designing my cuppies (*,^)

Monday, March 22, 2010


To kill the boredom and stressfullness, we usually go out shopping or eating outside or strolling around. It does not matter where we go..as long as we can relax our minds...and the most important one is to make the kids happy. I don't really prefer to stay at home during public holidays or weekends...(*;^) I'm sure everyone feels the same way too! Habibati is showing off her Dora colouring set and Mickey Mouse handkerchieves. Eversince they step into the school world...the kids cannot resist the stationery shopping...although they have so many unused ones back home..but still everything in the stationery store is unbearably catching their eyes *me too* especially the cute and unique ones!I like to see the above picture....reading is FUN!Another irresistable temptation....the kiddy ride! Habibati will cry buckets if her wish is not granted...Habibi is ok...Lovely moments.... what's up next?

In the car...she always imitates our 'bonding-time' with her new baby doll given by NenekMama. We laugh whenever we see her doing this session with her babydoll....she even says to her babydoll "dont bite!" *rolling on the floor laughing*

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Our Sunday Breakfast

We had these this morning...a simple fried kue teow plus eggs and some pandilit buns filled with home-made kaya *not made by me* :)
Habibati requested me to snap her action like this....LOL
Habibi always leaves the table and likes to watch his favourite cartoons on TV as near as shown below *what a bad habit* He will come back to the kitchen and then goes back inside....@~@
I secretly snapped his action.....
Opps! I gotcha! Anyway...a happy Sunday everyone!

From WHO?

I received this postal acknowledgement yesterday....I wondered who the sender was but I thought I knew....and NOW I know already...I know it is from this beautiful mommy blogger who loves pink too....who likes travelling a lot..a multi-talented mommy.... (*;^)...but I haven't had time to claim the parcel yet. I hope by Monday...I can go to the general post office....*just can't wait*
To you.....thank you so much for the thought.....*blushed*

A Pancake Mix For Me!

I love pancakes espeacially when they are paired with some honey on top. This is my favourite ready-made one...we just need an egg and melted butter or corn oil. It is very simple and quick. Furthermore, it can be turned into waffles too.
The texture is not bad and it is fluffy too....lovely!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Habibati's 3rd Birthday

I'm back....and I hope I can do some updates more often.....*as busy as a bee*Here, I would love to share some pictures of the Habibati's birthday celebrated with my family at Aneka Rasa Restaurant. Habibati is actually sharing her birthday with the Prophet Muhammad's...every 12 Rabiul Awal in the Muslim Calender. We usually celebrate her birthday twice...so this 31st March again she will be having another birthday celebration ^_^Her birthday cake by Mum Bakery...if I'm not mistaken...it was Oreo Cheese Cake...chosen by the birthday celebrant herself! Blowing the candles together with Habibi...hehehehe....cute!
The VVIPs in my life....
Another VVIPs......but it seemed I was the only one looking at the camera....LOL
~happy 3rd birthday sweet apple~