Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Annual Sports Day

Yesterday our kids' school was having their annual sports day. Hubby and I were present to witness our kids participating in the sports activities....not to disappoint them ....(^_^)...

They were doing their aerobics before the games started. I could feel happiness and cheerfulness in the atmosphere....

Marching to get ready for the games....

Although the kids didn't win any medals but they sure had real fun with the games....that was more important ya..

These are the videos of Habibati and Habibi during the games...*giggles*.....

Habibi was the second last in the game...hehehe....

In the end....enjoying the sponsored cold MILO drinks....well done babies!

Friday, November 18, 2011

The Cooked Watermelon Rinds

This is a very traditional country dish....

Last night, I cooked the water melon rinds (the while pulp) with some prawns. If you happen to buy a watermelon, please don't throw away the rinds. Have a try on this easy recipe.

Saute the sliced shallots, garlic cloves and fresh chillies with little canola oil until fragrant. Then pour in some water and wait until it boils. After that put in the sliced rinds and prawns. Put in some salt and some Maggie Cukup Rasa granules to taste. Done!

Safely Returned...

Alhamdullilah...they have safely returned to the abode of peace in good health. Semoga mendapat haji yang mabrur...amin...

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Exam Fever

We are approaching to the end of Year 2011 and the exam season has come.....and after that.....holidays!!

I have to make some revision worksheets for our kids....thank goodness....some worksheets can be printed freely for the educational websites too. Their final year examination will start on the 8th until 12th of this month. It is quite hard to engage them with the revision sessions....hahaha....we have to 'pujuk rayu' with them!

I am sure every parent would agree with this saying:
"If the children are having their examinations.....the parents are in deed too"

Friday, November 4, 2011

TechExpo 2011

We brought the kids there on Friday which was held at The International Convention Center. First we went to the IncrediWorld Amazement Park and had to pay $3 per pax....even the kids were charged the same amount...(@.@)...


We had a close encounter with the styrofoam-made animals and learnt about their amazing facts too.

Below is the Mirror Maze. I did not finished the 'journey' because I felt dizzy and scarred! I am actually having 'Nyctophobia' ---> the phobia characterized by a severe fear of the darkness.
Mr hubby and Habibi successfully finished the pathway without bumping into the mirrors....well done!

Then, we walked into the other section of the expo with a hope to get a very close encounter with the 'robots'. Although the robots turned out to be the small ones only but the kids were very happy. The cute and smart robots showing off their talents....

Habibi tried using the remote control of the robot.

At the other section again....Habibi met the mascots of some Angry Birds. Habibati refused to take some pictures with the red angry bird.....*lol*

I managed to purchase this pink bag for my pink...!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

A Holter instead!

As I have mentioned before...that I would be undergoing my stress test at the Cardiac Department, RIPAS Hospital. I was mentally and physically ready for the test...but when I arrived there, the nurse told me that she would fix a holter on my body. I was so anxious to see the battery-operated device and all the wires that were going to be attached to my chest and tummy!

Below is the picture of the device that I wore for 24 hours......*credits to Mr Google*

A holter monitor is a recording device usually worn for 24 to 72 consecutive hours. The monitor records all heart activity during the time it is worn.

Guess what happened to me while this thing is fixed on my body?

I was distressed to the max...I felt really uncomfortable... and the wires kept on falling off...that I had to use the cello-tapes to fix the wires back. I felt that this thing had limited my activities.

I was soooooo veryyyyyy STRESSFUL!

As a result --> At around 4pm blood pressure had turned high....up to 160/100 and my pulse rate palpitated as high as 110 beats per minute....*poor me*.....

Hubby rushed me to the AE and there I was monitored until my BP went down a bit and I was prescribed with a relaxing medicine....for me to sleep well so that my BP could turn back normal.

What a horrible experience! I know that I was making not-that-beautiful-graphs, but I am still praying to Allah that my heart will be in the healthy condition...amin...positive-minded...