Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Who could do it???

We managed to buy three pieces of 'baju fesyen' for our girl for this upcoming Hari Raya. I decided to just buy the ready-made ones as I am sure that no more tailors would kindly accept any tailorings anymore......... (*.*)
But the disadvantages of purchasing the ready-made ones are that they do not fit my daughter well enough especially the 'kain' part. The girdles are so tight that might as well making her uneasy all day long.

So off we went to try our luck if any tailors would make some repairs to the girdles. Sadly no tailors would like to accept our order as most of them do not have time to do any repairs. So off we went again to one of my favourite tailors....hoping for a better luck @~@

After some persuading sessions....he at last accept my order! *so grateful* I think this Indian tailor-boss couldn't say no...as I am one of his loyal customers!

However..things wouldn't be that smooth.....you know....there is an agreement! I have to take off the sewings on the girdles myself! Ok laaaa....never mind.... at least he could do some alterations to my daughter's skirt.

Here...my dearest hubby did the 'job' for me last night *thanks a lot my love* and I hope everything is gonna be fine....
Another job waiting me....
.............to sew the beading strips.....to make it more glamorous! (^_^)

P/S ~~~ How I wish I could send these off to my multi-talented buddies CathJ and Kak Lin! *winks*

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sheperd's Pie - UR's Version

I made this pie few says ago for the breaking of the fast. Hubby loves it very much.

The ingredients :

Minced beef
Sliced sausages
Sliced celery
Maggie Cukup Rasa
Maggie tomato sauce
Sliced cheese

Nestle cream
Boiled Potatoes
A pinch of salt
Chopped Onions
Olive oil

1. Saute the chopped onions with some olive oil until they turn golden brown. Put it aside.

2. Fry the minced beef with some olive oil too. Add in celery and the sliced sausages. Add some Maggie tomato sauce and season with the Maggi Cukup Rasa.
Put it aside.

3. In a separate bowl, mash the boiled potatoes and mix well with Nestle cream and the sauteed onions. Add a pinch of salt to taste.

4. The first layer is the fried minced beef+sausages.

5. Then top it with the mashed potatoes. Put some cheese and top it again with the remaining mashed potatoes. Flatten the topping nicely and brush some butter. Grate with a fork.

6. Put the casserole in the oven and bake at 250 degrees until the topping is turning golden brown.
~~happy pie'ing~~

Friday, August 27, 2010

Just for a laugh

Our kids love to play with the plastic wrapper that we usually find in the biscuits/cookies tin. I don't know the exact name but it pops out when we press the air-filled sacs on the plastic (^-^). Then..to my surprise..Habibi requested me to take some pictures of him..as shown below *LOL* . He was being so creative that we just couldn't help laughing at him.

This is the latest head gear fashion for the upcoming hari raya celebration...!
My three quarters.....loving the three of you (*;^)

Saturday, August 21, 2010

My Homemade Mee Bandung

Yesterday, hubby requested me to cook him 'mee bandung' as he bought two sachets of this paste already.
Then, I googled up for the recipe and made my own 'editting' to the recipe.(^,^).
Sliced shallots, crushed garlics and cut fresh chilies
Cubed potatoes
Tenderloin Meat
2 sachets of the Mee Bandung paste
Half a bottle of Maggie tomato sauce
Some Maggie chilli paste
Some Maggie oyster sauce
Yellow noodles/Mee hoon
Perasa Maggie Cukup Rasa
Sawi, cellery and tomato slices

First, fry the sliced shallots and crushed garlics till fragrant. Then put in the paste, Maggie tomato sauce, Maggie chilli sauce, oyster sauce and chilli paste. Pop in the cubed potatoes and then pour some water and let it boil.

When it boils, put in the prawns and tenderloin meat as well as the salt and perasa Maggie Cukup Rasa. Pour it into a bowl of noodles and garnish as desired. That's all....slurppppp!

Friday, August 20, 2010

The Report From the Radiologist

This morning I feel something strange with my left ear...I hear the irritating sound like the 'mosquito sound' and it is blocked too. Coincidentally today I happen to have my appointment with the radiologist. So I went off to the hospital earlier so that I could see the out-patient doctor just before my ultrasound appointment.

I waited almost for an hour (*.*) to be called up. I had my left ear examined and the doctor said my ear drum is normal but there is a slight inflammation around it. I was then given an ear drop med.
Then...I walked to the radiology department. I waited for less then 10 minutes there. I was very nervous to the fullest @~@. There were so many "what if questions" in my mind....and I was trembling too and my hands were both cold! *poor me*

The result of my ultrasound tells that my surgery area is still in the process of healing, there is no lump as suspected by the gynecologist. Syukur Alhamdulillah...

However..... the radiologist found out a 2.8cm follicular cyst in my left ovary *again??* According to the radiologist, the cyst is just the normal one and not the dermoid cyst (in my right ovary) that had been removed during my laparotomy 3 months ago. I hope it won't increase in size as I am already phobia with the surgical procedures.

........................And another upcoming case..................
...........there is minimal sludge in my gall bladder which I don't know at all about it! *thunderstruck*. I did my googling then...

Now....I need to watch my foodies...no more high-cholesterol ones and will take loads and loads of oat-based foodie....*I hope I can*

Ok..cheers....have a lovely weekend ya...*winks*

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My 3 days off from school

I had an appointment with my gynecologist yesterday regarding my complain about my abdominal pain. It has been 3 months after the diagnostic laparoscopy and laparotomy but the pain is still throbbing "on and off" which is making me uncomfortable plus worried. I hope it is just the normal healing process but in the other hand...I feel weird too. The gynecologist requested me to be warded for few days for some observations but I refused. I asked for the second opinion...so she gave me 3 days off from school and instructed me to be back for an abdominal ultrasound at the radiologist this Saturday. I hope there will be nothing serious. I was prescribed with some ponstans (pain reliever pills) and some multivitamins.

So..this morning I became a full-time housewife *love it* . Hubby advised me to take a relaxing nap while the kids were at school. But...what I did? I cleaned up the bathroom, ironed hubby's and kids' clothings, swept the floor etc..etc... @.@ *memang jenis tak dpt duduk diam*

Then.....when the kids came back from school, I took them for a bath and gave them their lunch. They were ok...but not longer after that...the 'chaos' began...

The hero was innocently having his sweet time in front of the TV...our little girl too...
How can I ever 'rehat' as they kept me on my toes all the time? Oh my....but I know this is such a normal situation for parents who have growing kids like us .(*,*).

Monday, August 16, 2010

Habibi is 4

Habibi is 4 now. We had a simple celebration during our 'sungkai' time. I made a chocolate mud birthday cake with some panda biscuits at the corners. While Habibi and Ayah were out, Habibati and I worked out our mission in the kitchen..... ^.^......she helped me with the love sprinkles.

The accomplished mission of the day....
Right after 'sungkai' we read some prayers and sang the birthday song together.

Both of them were excited and just couldn't wait to blow off the candles!
Happy birthday dearest Muhammad 'Ariff Habibi...we love you endlessly...

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Habibati's Ear Peircing Day

Habibati has been whinning to have her ears pierced because she would love to wear earrings just like her Barbie doll. Hubby and I were dumbfounded. I told my mother about her wish and she said now it is the right time for her. Furthermore...she has been mentally and physically ready for it..so what the heck, right?

We went to the nearby private clinic. The doctor with the help of her nurse carried out the 'mission'. I was totally nervous but not our little darling!
I had to hold her tight *as recommended by the doctor*. The doctor and her nurse shot her all at once and Habibati didn't shed even a tear! What a brave little good girl!

Our little darling posed with her new pink stud earrings...
She showed them off to Ayah and we went to treat her at her favourite cake house.
She chose these chocolate balls.....I let her choose anything that she would love to eat *for being a good and brave girl*.

Loving every bite of it with love....

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Our Sungkai

Yesterday was the first day of a working day during Ramadhan. For teachers..we start at 7.30 and end up at 12 noon. For my hubby who works in the office will normally start at 8 until 2 p.m. Since it was the very first day...of course most of us would be in our 'slow mode'. (^;*)

I felt lazy to prepare our 'bersungkai' foodies so we went out to buy something. These were what we had..........*like you Cathj --> just like having a bif feast* LOL

Roti canai and curry.... *our kids love this very much*
Fried-mee hoon *my favourite*
Fried noodle *hubby's choice*
3 normal SupaSave Beef Burgers *For hubby, Habibati and I* Although the price was cheap but the taste was yummy.
I have been craving for this one....Millenium's Bread Butter Pudding plus vanilla sauce.I also bought Pati Haruan plus Gamat.
Nice packaging and a box of six portions cost me BND$13.00 here. I will only take once during the breaking of the fast.
Oh my! I stared for some seconds...whether I could stand the taste or not....?
Alhamdullilah...I gulped all at once! *struggling to be back healthy*

My surgery is not healing yet because I still feel the throbbing pain. However, physically the stitches look normal and don't show any swellings nor redness. But to be on the safe side...I am now 'forcing' myself to gulp the whole portion. I hope the pain will be less in few days time...Insya Allah..

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Kek Batik With Choc Melt

This is a simple popular recipe. I know everyone knows how to make. But this one has something different from the typical recipe when I replaced the 'gravy browning' with 'cooking chocolate melts'. The taste is very different and more 'chocolatey'. My family and siblings love it very much. If you feel like making this...have a go...

Melt the 250g butter and the cooking chocolate cubes *this was the real amount, sorry that I didn't measure the exact weight*
Then put in a cup of flour and beaten eggs. Mix well with the slow heat only.

Then put in a small packet of MILO, a quarter of sugar and some condensed milk *this is up to your taste*.

Cook on a slow heat, mix well and when the batter is thick and does not stick to the pan, then put in the finger biscuits. Mix well again..and transfer it into the baking tin and press the batter until they are flat. Keep it cool at room temperature or in an air-conditioned room for sometime. Lastly...enjoy...