Saturday, August 21, 2010

My Homemade Mee Bandung

Yesterday, hubby requested me to cook him 'mee bandung' as he bought two sachets of this paste already.
Then, I googled up for the recipe and made my own 'editting' to the recipe.(^,^).
Sliced shallots, crushed garlics and cut fresh chilies
Cubed potatoes
Tenderloin Meat
2 sachets of the Mee Bandung paste
Half a bottle of Maggie tomato sauce
Some Maggie chilli paste
Some Maggie oyster sauce
Yellow noodles/Mee hoon
Perasa Maggie Cukup Rasa
Sawi, cellery and tomato slices

First, fry the sliced shallots and crushed garlics till fragrant. Then put in the paste, Maggie tomato sauce, Maggie chilli sauce, oyster sauce and chilli paste. Pop in the cubed potatoes and then pour some water and let it boil.

When it boils, put in the prawns and tenderloin meat as well as the salt and perasa Maggie Cukup Rasa. Pour it into a bowl of noodles and garnish as desired. That's all....slurppppp!


Mummy Gwen said...

Wah...sedapnya. :)

anney said...

Wow it has chillies! I love anything spicy!