Monday, August 9, 2010

The foodie packs for school

We often ask the kids what they would like to have during their break time at school. This is just to ensure that they eat whatever we prepared earlier every morning. Then as usual, after school, I will always check their food packs if there are any leftovers inside.

I was surprised!! The number of the chocolate biscuits was still the same.
I asked Habibati why didn't she eat the biscuits. Without feeling any guilt...she said she did bite the said she loved the chocolate. I had a closer look at the biscuits and found out......
....that she ONLY ate the chocolate fillings! *felt like fainting*
Furthermore....the plain water level was only decreasing a little (*.*). For me, this is rather worrying. Now we are replacing the plain water with Milo plus her formula milk. For Habibi....he still demands the bottled formula milk to be brought to school. Do you face the same experience?


MeRy said...

Oh..then nextime don't give her too many choco biscuits...very heaty.
For me, I never give Ryan eat biscuit or milo.Too heaty for him,for sure,he will get sore'
I always told him to drink plenty of water at school....I tapao him one big bottle of water to school and always remind his teacher to give him drink lot of water.

Cath J said...

My boy school provide food for them.. but water... I just gave water... before this my boy brought Ribena.. but I worry he will get diabetes in future.. (Touch wood).. ^_^

so cute your girl just eat the 'inti' hehehhehehe... (mcm aku time kecik2) hehehhehe