Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Kids' Very First Homework

Hubby and I assisted the kids to do their homework. I was surprised that they were given a small letter 'a' as a start...which I think is very advanced for a KG1 kid..*my opinion only*. The colouring part is not a major problem but to get them write the letters seem to be a problem. I thought they would be given some round/zig-zag/loop/curvy dotted lines before proceeding to this small letters writing. Oh! Anyway...stop complaining...just trust to the respective school as the teachers know what are the best for the kindy kiddies...*_*
Habibati was so eager to colour an apple that she herself chose the red colour pencil for the apple.
Habibi showed his interest at the begining only but until now he is still easily distracted and less focused...mmm....something must be done about this one anyway @~@
Habibi's work....
Habibati's work....

...and now...Habibati didn't want to stop. So I gave her the Mickey and Minnie Colouring book...what a good girl!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Nur's Card

Thank you Nur.....*hugs to you too!*

Monday, January 4, 2010

The Kid's First Day At The Kindy

Our kids started schooling today. Last night I prepared everything they would need during the day and of course for the teacher's convenience in handling our kids. I arranged their school bags and shoes side by side, hung their uniforms and woke up earlier than usual to prepare their meals.They looked cute in their uniforms. Posing before getting into the early in the morning.... Arriving at the school...and get the principle informed about the kids' attendance before shifting into their classroom.The shelves for their things...Habibati's bag is below Habibi's bag.
Our kids was not very clingy. As soon as we got inside the classroom, Habibi and Habibati sat down and played with the toys together. They looked very happy and both of us were glad.

Ayah and I slowly escaped from their sights..........and guess what........?

We decided to wait for about half an hour at the school concourse area. Ayah had a sneak peak and told me that Habibi was doing well and starting to make friends already. However, in less than 10 minutes...we heard a familiar cry! It was Habibati carried by her kindy teacher telling us that she cried for me! @~@
We calmed her down by strolling around the school building. Then we got her back into the classroom to have their meals together. She was still crying....*giggle*

For the first week of school, the kindy children here were allowed to go home early. I hope Habibati would adapt to the kindy situation the soonest....*a great hope*

So exhausted......what a kindy day in deed!