Thursday, June 25, 2009

A Nap With Bob

This pictures were taken in the car. Habibi just couldn't fight his sleepiness...and took a nap during the ride. Being a fan of Bob The Builder, he stayed close him during his nap....zzzzzzzzz.....
This weekend will be my cousin's wedding day and I will be bringing Habibati along. I chose this material for her 'baju fesyen' with an additional lace which I bought from Hokko.
Amazingly, she was very cooperative the the filipina tailor. This was her first time being measured directly. Previously, I only brought her dress' sample to the tailor since she was very afraid to strangers. Her 'baju fesyen' will match with my bottom part of 'baju kurung'. I hope her 'baju fesyen' will fit her well.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Uniquely Singapore (Part IV)

Again? ....... *winks*
We went to the popular ToysRus just next to Hilton Hotel. Habibati was very excited to be there and of course she had chosen so many toys for her and brother Habibi.
Oh ya...why Habibi was not around?
We purposely didn't bring him because of some visa problems.
But yet....why Habibati had joined the trip?
She is still breastfeeding especially during the my parents advised us to bring her along.

Above ~ How I wish I could buy one of these mexican birthday "pinata". Thinking of how to get this one into the at last cancelled! Below ~ We had dinner at McDonald's. I had my ever delicious BIG MAC.....

Below ~ The nightlife on Scotts-Orchard Road. We felt safe staying here..though all walks of life were coming here...

Above ~ Habibati was guiding us where to get to the lift....we went back to the hotel around 10p.m. and packed up for tomorrow.....
The next morning's breakfast....mmmm.....really a 5-star one! Below is my 'first' portion...the next portion was not snapped because "not enough hands" anymore to handle the camera *giggles*. Then below was my hubby's portion....mmm....yummy...!
This one was Habibati's portion...she liked fruits very much. Just have a look at how busy she was cutting the fruit platters...using the up-side-down table knife.

Now...she was having a good time with her favourite...yoghurt. However..she said it was an "ayeim" which means ice cream...heheheee

Below ~ "Look at my pretty teeth...!"
Above ~ I love the art exhibition at the hotel lobby. I personally found these ones so sweet but I couldn't afford to purchase any one of them. Below was the colourful meringues sold at Carousel.
After breakfast, we went to Geylang to buy my head scarfs and some Bengawan Solo cookies.

Nothing much changes I noticed here. But the building was still under construction, so the bazaar was temporarily placed here. One thing that disturbed me very much was the strong unpleasant smell all around the places.

Above shows the Bengawan Solo cookies packed nicely in the beautiful tin containers.

Habibati wouldn't miss the chance to take a ride on this 'helicopter'.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My Mission

My today's mission -> Making homemade ice creams.
I got the recipe from my mom and now I'm gonna have a go with it. Let's see if it is a success..I will surely share the recipe but if otherwise??? mmmm...gonna humbly share it too...! *winks*

This is all because of my little girl who really looooooves ice creams. So my hubby suggested me to make the homemade one which my mom used to make for us before. So I rang my mom and she gave me the recipe....will surely go for 'ice cream ingredients shopping'.....

Saturday, June 20, 2009

To The Border

My hubby, Habibati and I went to Miri last Friday. Habibi couldnot join us because he just recovered from fever. We left him with my maid at my parents' home. There would be a health check at both Brunei and Sarawak posts. Since the world is alarmed by the swine flu, so we decided not to bring Habibi. Now, I would love to share our journey which took about 2 hours to reach the destination by car.We first had to pay BND$3 at the Rasau Toll (still in Brunei area).
Thank God...the traffic was not too bad for checking. We were now by the Sarawak's border....again another checking point. Habibati said these were "horses" heeeee.....of course it was because of the snout!Again aother toll at the border of Sarawak. We had to pay RM10 only. Below shows the high bridge of Sarawak.
Happy Habibati....

The first shopping spot...Bintang Plaza. However...we had to buy the parking coupon first..RM5 for the whole day....but...the parking space was quite hard to find!

At ToysRus, Habibati bought a trumpet and she also chose a guitar for her brother. She even chose a 'tiara' and put it straightaway on her head! Our lunch at SugarBun, Habibati liked the rice very much.
This really attracted our attention!! HABIBI Cake Shop...Another shopping spot.....

.......suddenly something happened....blackout! Lucky, we had finished with our shopping.

What what did we get for the kids and ourselves? Nothing much but few pieces of KIKILALA and KIKO clothings, 2 pairs of flats and RASA magazines for me. As for my hubby, he got his T-shirt and pants as his father's day present...

Wokey...that's all....tomorrow we will be going to Temburong to attend my BIL's 'papat jambol' ceremony for their newborn. Again, we will have to pass across another Malaysian border namely Limbang. Another long journey again.....

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Icy Creamy Sorbet

It's refreshing to have some gelato or sorbet during these hot days at ....

....of all.....I love the durian sorbet...mmmmmm...yummy!What's Gelato? Sorbet?
GELATO = less fat + no air added = rich cremier taste
Gelato and some premium ice creams are so dense that they require a slightly higher serving temperature, a perfect point where your scoop is firm but not hard and not so soft that it melts immediately.
Sorbets are all about fruit. With no milk, cream or eggs, they depend only on sugar, lemon juice and fresh fruit for flavor. Elegantly simple and refreshingly tart, sorbets were the rage during Victorian years, when they were served as palate cleansers between rich, heavy courses.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Uniquely Singapore (Part III)

On the 4th June..we attended the Mathematics Teachers' Conference at NIE. The institute itself is in fact very modern and surrounded by greeneries and of course very huge. We were dropped at the Mathematics and Science Education buildings. We were at first quite lost..but luckily there were other participants arriving, so together we searched for the actual registration area. So let these pictures explain the situation....
At the conference.....
Below ~ Sooo lazy to jot down some notes...easy way....snapped the slide! Finished without fuss. Well, it is in deed a matter of making the best use of technology...*smile*

The lunch buffet provided by NIE with a HALAL certificate.
Below ~ My lunch plate....pretty messy....but delicious enough.
Wow...McDonald's is here too....
Above ~ The high staircase....good enough to burn up my stubborn calories *winks* after the fantastic lunch..
Below ~ I fell in love with this one!

Above ~ The Brunei participants with the NIE lecturer and one of the MTC speakers.