Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Uniquely Singapore (Part IV)

Again? ....... *winks*
We went to the popular ToysRus just next to Hilton Hotel. Habibati was very excited to be there and of course she had chosen so many toys for her and brother Habibi.
Oh ya...why Habibi was not around?
We purposely didn't bring him because of some visa problems.
But yet....why Habibati had joined the trip?
She is still breastfeeding especially during the my parents advised us to bring her along.

Above ~ How I wish I could buy one of these mexican birthday "pinata". Thinking of how to get this one into the at last cancelled! Below ~ We had dinner at McDonald's. I had my ever delicious BIG MAC.....

Below ~ The nightlife on Scotts-Orchard Road. We felt safe staying here..though all walks of life were coming here...

Above ~ Habibati was guiding us where to get to the lift....we went back to the hotel around 10p.m. and packed up for tomorrow.....
The next morning's breakfast....mmmm.....really a 5-star one! Below is my 'first' portion...the next portion was not snapped because "not enough hands" anymore to handle the camera *giggles*. Then below was my hubby's portion....mmm....yummy...!
This one was Habibati's portion...she liked fruits very much. Just have a look at how busy she was cutting the fruit platters...using the up-side-down table knife.

Now...she was having a good time with her favourite...yoghurt. However..she said it was an "ayeim" which means ice cream...heheheee

Below ~ "Look at my pretty teeth...!"
Above ~ I love the art exhibition at the hotel lobby. I personally found these ones so sweet but I couldn't afford to purchase any one of them. Below was the colourful meringues sold at Carousel.
After breakfast, we went to Geylang to buy my head scarfs and some Bengawan Solo cookies.

Nothing much changes I noticed here. But the building was still under construction, so the bazaar was temporarily placed here. One thing that disturbed me very much was the strong unpleasant smell all around the places.

Above shows the Bengawan Solo cookies packed nicely in the beautiful tin containers.

Habibati wouldn't miss the chance to take a ride on this 'helicopter'.


ummumishkah said...

nice holiday sis!

Mummy Gwen said...

Habibati is very pretty. She looks like you. :)

Bibi Anapi said...

habibati cute!