Thursday, April 22, 2010

Rindu PadaMu

~Rindu PadaMu~

Tiada sehari yang berlalu
Tanpa ku mengingatiMu
Rindu padaMu
Sentiasa mendambakan
Kasih dan sayangMu
Semalam aku bermimpi
Dalam hujan ku berlari
Berlari mencari
Memangil-manggil namaMu
NamaMu yang sempurna

Kuharap dan kuberdoa
Semoga dapat bersua denganmu

Tiada kata yang dapat ku gambarkan
Perasaan yang ku alami
Cinta ku ini tiada berbelah bagi
Cinta yang suci dan abadi

Apakah aku diterima
Atau kau kan membiarkan saja
Kerana ku berdosa
Jangan biarkan ku terhina
Ku merayu padaMu

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

It's all about cakes....cakes....cakes....

Habibati loves cakes very much. She simply can't resist cakes especially the fancy cakes or birthday cakes with butter or fresh cream. She would cry aloud and would continuously nag us into buying her desired birthday cake although her birthday has already passed. These are the random pictures of the cakes....

She loved this one just because of the Mickey Mouse! So I asked the baker to pipe the 'happy schooling' wordings on the commemorate their schooling days...

Together they blew the candles together...this cake was brought along when we 'balik kampung' to my parents' house.
She loved the cute fondant bumble bee....she ate the cake first and lastly the bumble bee...*save the best for last...I bet!*
..and this one was chosen because of the the Princesses....(*_*)...

What makes me that she always convinces me by saying "Ummi, adik must brush teeth!" (^-^)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Arabic Salad

We love to eat the Lebanese delicacies from their grilled lamb, grilled chicken, shwarma kebabs to their freshly made mayonnaise. Furthermore...I love their salad..which is in fact very easy to make. The waitress at one of the Lebanese Restaurants here is very friendly with us *that's the good thing being their regular customers*. I tried my luck asking the recipe for their salad *if the boss was around, habis lah!* She reflected a smile on her face and said "It's easy!". Happily I recorded everything she said into my brain. So this is the outcome...
We only need diced cucumbers and tomatoes and some finely chopped parsley. Some dashes of virgin olive oil and lemon juice as well as some salt. Mix well and enjoy it with some lamb chop in black pepper sauce ;9

The Kids' First Pets

The kids has been asking us for some pets. We think they are too small to have some pets. However, after talking with our friends...and mulling over the kids' proposal...we at last agree! But the pets shall be the ones which are easy to handle and to be cleaned *because I know...hubby and I would become the official caretakers indirectly!*. So these are their pets...terrapins...very cute...
We went to the nearby pet shop and but the terrapins were quite small.
Habibi pointed at the terrapin that he liked. However, we have seen some bigger ones at other pet shops before. So we looked for them first to make a survey...but...the kids cried aloud in the car as they didn't want to go to another petshop! *~*
But we managed to visit only one pet shop and unfortunately they didn't have terrapins. So we got back to the first pet shop as the kids were so eager to have them right away *giggles*.
Bro and Sissy interaction...I wonder what they think of these pets...

Below ~ Habibi is doing his observation using his toy binoculors...LOL...
I hope these terrapins will stay long with us....

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Simple Dinner....

Hubby and I like to eat the preserved duck eggs, the black-coloured eggs, which I'm not sure how they become that way. I think most of Chinese people love these eggs. I have been told they are medicinal too* not sure how*. Their "pungent" smell somehow makes some people dislike these eggs too. However, as for my style...I will boil the eggs to get rid of the pungent smell.
The recipe that I would love to share here:

3 boiled preserved eggs (chopped)
3 sliced shallots
Some cut Thai chillies
6-7 bulbs canned leeks (kucai)
Few dashes of lime juice

Mix all ingredients....that's it! (*;^)

I pan-fried some canned clams with Bombay onions and baby carrots. Yummy too!

Lastly.....the simple pan-fried vegies....carrots+celery+red chillies+sweet cabbage+young corns+Maggie Cukup Rasa granules. Nyum!Nyum!