Monday, July 5, 2010

The JollyBee Time

We love JollyBee as much as the kids do. While the kids were having fun in the play area, Hubby and I savoured these yummylicious double treat sets.
For me, the Jolly spaghetti is the bestEST in town...*slurppp*
They would come to the table to get some foodies and got back playing. However, I just couldn't stop instructing them to bite their foodies well in their mouths. I was worried if they got choked while playing *nauzubillah*

They were considered 'lucky' as no kids were around and our kids dominated the play area like the King and Queen.
Just for a proof...our kids were the only 'dominators' here (';^)
...only two compartments were occupied...!
So sweaty...but...still wanted to continue if nothing else mattered..
Now what....? *giggle*
Look at Habibi...he cried as loud as he could when we didn't allow him to play bowling which was just outside Jollybee restaurant. No matter how hard we tried to console him by saying the bowling area was only for the adults but nothing seemed to work out. But then, the manager came up and solved everything out by just presenting our kids some Jollybee kiddie party packs.

Instantly, Habibi stopped crying *phew* and started to focus on all these goodies inside the packs. Thank you Miss and the other Jollybee staff!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

My French Toast

I love French Toasts so much....and this is my version....

Thick-sized bread slices
2 Eggs
Fresh milk

Mix together the eggs and milk. Then, soak the bread slice into the mixture. Heat up butter onto a non-stick pan and fry the bread until it turns golden. Then pour some honey onto the bread slice...and enjoy!

So easy to make...but still I love to share this with you...(';*)