Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My Health Issues

It has been a while that I didn't update. While doing this update, I am all alone staying up late after gulping my medicines. It is 1.30 a.m here... (+_=)

My body temperatures are still around 37.7 above. Lately almost every night my nose bleeds. I just couldn't stand these situations...whenever I try to blow my bleeds (on the right nostril only)...when I sneeze, it bleeds....when I cough during my sleep, it bleeds again... :(

The worst case scenario ---> I have some kind of haemorrhage on my right eye.

Half of my right eye's white part is now becoming red! I myself don't dare to see my image on the scarred...POOR me! *Another test from Allah*

Tomorrow is my appointment with the eye specialist. I start to become nervous when I think of what procedures the specialist will do to my eye..and I'm pretty sure that I will be referred to the ENT specialist too regarding my frequent nose bleeds.

I don't even dare to browse about the whats/whys/effects/etc..etc... (as a result of being so scarred). I don't want those negative things affects my I have to wait for the eye specialist's comments and advices only.

Please pray for my wellness....thank you....and will update the soonest....


e.l.i.s.s.m.i.e said...

kawan eliss pernah kena juga mcm ni dulu. sebab kita hembus terlalu kuat dan ada salur dlm mata pecah tapi nanti dia akan sembuh jugak, cuma ambil masa.

tp part batuk berdarah tu kena check la.
take care Ummirosma !

Alice Law said...

I feel sorry for you, wish everything is ok! Waiting for your specialist report!:)

Zhoe Wynz said...

pray for speedy recovery for u ummi..

MeRy said...

Don't worry too much..Takecare..

CathJ said...

I understand what you feeling Ros.. Me myself got a symtom of having a nose bleeding very often.. since small.. and it frighten me.. I dare myself to check on the internet... and the result are all not inspiring.. (I won't tell you either).. but I hope it wasn't about that.. but not every day bleed lah.. I can say it always happen to me.

Now I can see my little boy pun ada symptom yg sama.. he very frequent nose bleeding in the morning... aduh... I pity him.. but seems I know how to handle this situation already.. I am not worried..

But for your case.. I believe you were just heaty my dear.. coz you were having fever.. cuba2 minum air kelapa muda... (org tua2 punya petua lah ni... ) 2nd option.. minum air bali.. kosong.. tak letak gula lagi baik...

I hope nothing is serious there.. take care..

with lots of luv..

Mummy Gwen said...

Think positive Ummi. You will be fine. Will pray for you. Don't worry ok.

Liz said...

Jangan bawa susah hati ros.. mungkin dugaan dari Allah..Banyakkan berdoa dan berzikir untuk kesihatan ...memang hari ini kita diduga oleh Allah mungkin esuk kita sihat walafiat..Liz doakan untuk kesembuhan mu Ros..semoga Allah melindungi mu dari segala penyakit...amin