Sunday, November 29, 2009

At The Agriculture and Agri Food Expo '09

Last Friday we went to the expo at Tungku Agricultural Area. It was so hot that we felt hot and sticky. However, we really had fun time there. Here I would love to share some pictures at the expo.Above ~The potted plants for sale.

Below ~ I love these sweet duku more than langsats...sold at BND$4 per kilo. Yes I bought a kilo only :D
Above ~ The padi seedlings exhibited...looked more like grass to me :)

Below ~ I love petunias...but I managed to force myself not to buy....*although I was awfully tempted* We have had couples of these before but they didn't last long.... :(Above ~ The layered cakes....colourful and attractive...

Below ~ This is called Sulang fruit. The flesh of the fruits can be used to make yellow rice or 'nasi kuning'. The natural food colourant.

Above ~ I took the rice sensory test.

Below ~ The kids played with the styrofoam mushroom.
Above ~ This orchids are expensive....but these were planted along the walkways there.

Below ~ Just look at the Q...lining up for the trailer @~@

Above ~ This was the trailer that brought visitors round the gardens and orchards.

Below ~ The mushroom I wish I had this.

Above ~ The Giant's Ears mushrooms...cultured inside the mushroom house.

Below ~ Our kids enjoyed seeing the chickens and cocks.Above ~Habibi and Habibati were overjoyed with their up-closed encounter with the baby goat.
Below ~ The colourful chicks....sold at BND$2 each.
Above ~ I did't buy any of them...but had a chance to hold one of them....and of course the pink one :P
Below ~ These were emus...and Habibati called "big bird"....I tried to zoom in the picture but someone else had entered the frame *giggles*
Above ~ The pond of lilies...and other aquatic I wish I had this one too :)
Below ~ We saw some farmers there...but by looking at their faces...they sure weren't local. But something had attracted my attention when I took a picture of them.....Can you guess what?

***scroll down***



***Let me zoom in***

Taa daaaaaa....! Nice hair ya (';^) Below ~ Our double H were very tired, thirsty, hot and sticky :P Below ~ What we bought there....

The roast ribs with bbq sauce...the new local product and tasted super delicous...sold at BND6.90 per box.

The hydroponic favourite greenies.

Oyster and Giants' ear mushrooms cultures.


The Ninja Boy said...

Lively life you have. Nice to visit nature. The kids looked so relaxed at the end :)

UmmiRosma said...

The Ninja Boy ~ Syukur alhamdullilah...this is a good activity though...since we are not going on a vacation abroad...domestically je...happy holiday to you dear :)

Liza said...

it must be a really exhausting vacation wit ur kids to the agri food expo.. I should not miss it at the 1st place..I think too late for me to go there...anyway I enjoy to see some shots of yours especially the corn man's hair hehehe

Mummy Gwen said...

It's a great experience for your little ones ya. Very interesting indeed. That guy has a very fashionable hairstyle..hehe.

UmmiRosma said...

Liza ~ The expo lasted today..why did you miss it? Rugi laaa....but next year saja...

MummyGwen ~ Yea..they gained something new and they repeatedly recalled their experience touching the baby goat hehehe

Cath J said...

Lawa nya fortunia flowerr tuuuu..... Yes it does not stay long... but I bought 2 pot here... and still alive...hehehehhe...

kena letak kat tempat mendung.. tahan lama sket..

Dustin Dollin said...

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