Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Ramadhan Bazaar

Yesterday only I felt like going to the Ramadhan Bazaar. I did not prepare anything for the sungkai thus we went there. Habibati joined us, the brother was still having his cozy afternoon nap(he doesn't like his sleep to be disturbed). Here are the random pictures of the delicacies and fruits sold at the bazaar.
The smoked fish...we only bought the sardines(my fav) which cost BND5 for 2pieces....Aha....these were good too. I'm sure everybody knows these local kuehs..the "pulut panggang" . We choose the ones with prawns and beef fillings which cost 6 pieces for BND2 only. They tasted fabulous.
The local colourful "bingka" but I was only attracted to the "bingka susu". The taste was OK...and not so sweet. BND1 per piece.
These were the bbq section. The bbq sticks were nicely arranged and could possibly attract customers...especially by the look of the bbq sauce. But not me..anyway! But, do you notice something? "soset" or sausage?? *giggles*

The irresistable fruits...

...durians...I wanted to buy...but hubby said "no need lah.." :(

...kembayau... I forced myself into buying these. I know they were not the local ones. So they sold them at half kilo for BND5. So expensive eih...
Habibati was enjoying the ride on Ayah's shoulder. Look at her...she was wearing the same Mickey's T-shirt again...again...with the Mickey's cap.She refused to put on other clothes. In this oufit, she looked like a boy ;)


Cath J said...

Wow... happening lah... ^_^.... skrg terasa nak gi pasar ramadhan pulak... (Sabar... diett... ;-p)

Liza said...

ling samapai hajat mu makan pulut panggang, my kids like cheese sausage grill..., ok happy bersungkai

UmmiRosma said...

Cathj ~ Oh you r on diet again...heheee sabar...

Liza ~ happy bersungkai to you too ;)

Mummy Gwen said... many food. One of these days, I must go to the ramadhan bazaar near my house..hehe.

Sandra Carvalho said...

Thanks for stopping by!And as well for your lovely comment!
This post of yours made me hungry!It all looks so yummy!LOL!
Hope you had a great weekend and hope to "see" you around! :)
Greetings from Portugal.

UmmiRosma said...

MummyGwen ~ Yea..why not? Your princess will love the food sold there.. :)

Sandra ~ Thanks and let's keep in touch *winks*

ummu Masyitah said...

salam kenal dan ramadhan ya ummirosma.

Anonymous said...

enjoyyynyerr.. salamm ramadhan ummi rosma itteww

UmmiRosma said...

UmmuMasyitah ~ Salam Kenal buat UmmuMasyitah juag, tnx for hopping here.. :)

YhInsaf4 ~ salam ramadhan for you too....tnx for coming..and will come over to yours to :)