Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Thanks To Iza and Merryn

I received gifts from two generous blogging buddies Iza De Bintang Comel and Merryn and Ethan. Due to some unexpected circumstances, I had to delay the posting of this entry to convey my thankfulness to the both of you.
To Iza ---> Thanks for your thoughtfulness and effort to bring something for me all the way from Hong Kong.

To Merryn ---> Thanks for the cute little handicrafts and the Tom and Jerry stickers...my kids like them very much!

Moreover....our fridge is now more cheerful with the presence the cute little ladybird made by Merryn and her son themselves...and Iza's Hong Kong City fridge magnet.

1 comment:

Cath J said...

I pun love collect fridge magnet... BUt I will buy only if I visit the place...^_^...

amboi Ros.. bila nak pakai baju dragon merah ni?? ^_^...