Saturday, July 23, 2011

Habibati's Jelly Project

Habibati loves jelly very much. Yesterday, I assisted her to make her own jelly with strawberry flavour.

The instant jelly powder and the jelly moulds.

Habibati poured a half cup of sugar.

Then, she poured out the jelly powder.

She added 700ml water. She stirred the mixture well and then I heated the mixture on the medium heat until the mixture a bit thickened.

We waited for the jelly mixture to cool down for 3 minutes.

Habibati then poured the jelly mixture into the moulds. I was very glad that she could carefully do her job well.We keep the moulded jelly in the fridge for 10 minutes...........but she just couldn't wait any longer that she kept on opening and closing the door of the fridge!


The lovely jelly that she had made with love.... (",)....


CathJ said...

super cute.. ahh should do something like this to my boy seems he love masak2 hihihi... 1 day.. :D

UmmiRosma said...

CathJ ~ You should...he must be supa dupa excited to have his own edible work of art =D

Liz said...

eh cutenya sidayang alai ani membuat jelly mcm maminya

Nur-nba said...

Rajinnya dia.... and she's so cute... :) Hope one day, Nur juga ada anak perempuan secomel Habibati..