Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Horrible Bus Crash In Sabah

The horrific accident had happened at Jalan Ranau Tamparuli, Kg Kaporingan in Sabah involved 32 passengers and a driver. Seven Bruneians lost their lives in the mishap.

More stories about the crash, please click HERE.
I just dont dare to post the pictures sadden by the news coverage. I burst into tears... :'(

His Majesty also issued a command for all facilities, including the cost of medical treatment for the injured and the transportation of the bodies of the victims back to Brunei by aircraft, to be borne by His Majesty’s Government. (Extracted from

So blessed to be one of the loyal Bruneians....long live His Majesty. Next week we are going to be on our vacation to Sabah....may our journey be blessed and protected by Allah...amin...amin...amin...


anney said...

News like this saddens my heart. By the way, hope yu all had fun on your vacation. Merry Christmas!

CathJ said...

Alamakkk... I heard about this but didnt knw it was so bad... So sorry to hear this..