Friday, September 24, 2010

Celebrating Jimmy's 20th Birthday..

Jimmy is my youngest brother and is going to leave for UK soon to futher his studies in aeronautical engineering. Thank goodness...that we were able to celebrate his birthday here. It was just a simple celebration at the nearby restaurant.

I have mixed-feelings...happy + he is leaving soon for 3 years. We have never been apart...and he used to be very attached and closed to me when he was a little boy *I am the eldest* and I happened to my ex-pupil too...!
The icecream cake bought by my sister...
Our VVIP's
Habibi looked bored...not until he saw the icecream birthday cake.

Both the niece and nephew just could not wait to blow the candle! *photo not in good quality*
Happy Birthday My Dearest Baby Bro...May all your dreams come true...we HEART you very much... Align Right Justify Full


MeRy said...

Happy b'day to your brother.Wish him good luck in his studies.

UmmiRosma said...

MeRy ~ thanks..he will surely read this blog... :)