Wednesday, September 1, 2010


This morning I brought Habibati to see her skin specialist regarding her eczema. We went there very early and had to wait as the specialist clinic only opened at 8 a.m. during the fasting month. I felt quite uneasy and Habibati was even more! I knew she was bored..then I gave her a pen but I forgot to bring along her scribbling book. So I had to dig into my wallet to see if there were some pieces of receipts to give her to write on. *nasib ada bank receipts!*

She can now write the digits 1 to 1o on her own. Then after the specialist's review and examination...we were then off to the pharmacy to get the prescription. Here in Brunei we only have to pay $1 for any reviews or medication and the chidlren will be free of charge *thankful*

These are what she has for a month supply...although the previous month's supply is still available! I love the aqueous cream....and I use it for myself too. Another one is the Oilatum bar soap...which cost around BND$7 at the outside pharmacies. *save money* ^_^
Look at the above picture....this traditional ointment oil is effective too for her eczema and other kinds of skin rashes. I always keep this one handy and for the first aids as well. It costs only around BND$3 for the medium sized-bottle.
Now what's this???

I would like to express my thankfulness to my sweet buddy cum jobmate Saffiyah for her homemade yummylicious Oreo Blueberry Pudding. The taste is GREAT! *dpt rasa..pasal dah cuti*


eugene said...

You know as i understand, diet can help to improve the immune system thus improve the condition of eczema... a lot of fruits and vitamins,,,can google search it ya.

take care now and still happy fasting

MeRy said... to make it..??

hazlin said...

anak bongsu akak dulu pernah menghidap eczema.. aqua cream tu memang banyak stok..bertong-tong and the ubat tahan gatal... sgt kesian bila "gatal" dia dtg.. tergaru-garu..
suddenly bila chicken pox "datang", eczema diapun hilang..
alhamdulillah, diapun dah sekolah..

CathJ said...

kesian habibati... but at lest dah dapat ubat.. amboi sedap nya kuih tu Ross.... mcm terasa kat tekak aku...hahahhahahha

Mummy Gwen said...

I hope Habibati will recover completely from eczema soon.

Habibati can write and draw very well. :) The cake is making me hungry..hehe.