Thursday, October 6, 2011

‘ giveaway : The Recipe book’.

Despite the hectic life routines...I must make sure I engage myself with cooking activities especially for my family. I love to try out some new recipes from different parts of the world. Furthermore, my family loves Italian dishes.....thus I join this GA contest held by this pretty mommy CathJ...with a wish to win the Italian Recipe Book....(^^,)....

If you would like to have that recipe book....c'mon join the just clicking the above badge. All the best!


Cathj said...

Sempat juga yer walaupun sibuk Ros.. :)

Thank you for joining yer.. Gud luck.. ;)

Cathj said...

Note: oh ya ros.. I notice no link (gambar muka2) di bwh entry you. Just take 'the code' from my entry and paste underneath ur post (paste under html) and save yer.. Tq