Thursday, October 21, 2010

His Majesty Calls For Urgent Review Of Maternity Leave

Most of us, the career mommies in Brunei are putting on smiles on our faces due to the following Titah delivered by our beloved and caring His Majesty the Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam after a surprise visit to RIPAS Hospital yesterday.

His Majesty called for a review of the existing maternity leave of 56 days that has been followed by the country for over two decades now.

An extraction from the brudirect online:

Mothers are the ones who bring about new generations and it is appropriate that their welfare is given due attention and managed without them having to voice it out and ask for, the ruler said.

The regulation pertaining to maternity leave is contained in a government circular of the PM's Office dated 1993, which states that the permitted maternity leave is eight weeks or 56 days.

His Majesty said the International Labour Organisation (ILO) Convention 102/103 has stipulated that maternity leave should not be less than 12 weeks and highlighted other regulation of the same standard, which states that it should not be less than 14 weeks.

"Till now there are varying periods set by the countries around the world with some exceeding by those set by the international standards.

Some Asean countries have set 60 days. However, this issue is still being debated and the period may be extended to 60 days, which is still regarded as too short as most countries have extended it to 90 days.

"In Brunei, the 56-day maternity leave has been followed for two decades already and this poses a question whether we have forgotten to revise it.

Are they enough or are they too short?

"It must be looked into whether 56 days are enough for mothers to rest and regain energy used up during childbirth as giving birth cannot be taken lightly.

This is further compounded by breastfeeding.

If the maternity leave is longer, mothers would breastfeed their infants even longer," said His Majesty.
On the roles of doctors, His Majesty reiterated that doctors should not become a frightening shadow to society but be a torch of hope to them.

"Officers and doctors should succeed in their service and patients should be given utmost attention.

Doctors should truly know their patients, their diseases and the sort of treatment ideal for them, including the highs and lows of the risks of post-treatment.

"All these should be done thoroughly and not just give assurances or predictions," said the ruler.

~~~My new 2011 resolution --> To extend the family members~~~ Maybe?? Insya Allah~~~


We are feeling so blessed to be one of your loyal nations...


hazlin said...

kat malaysia dah boleh extend sampai 90 hari.. tp optional.
alhamdulillah nak tambah lg.. akak dah tutup kedai.. hehehe

CathJ said...

I hope your wish come true my fren.. :D

and You have Good King.. prihatin...

dekat Canada, tempat my sister tu... setahun yu maternity leave nya.... best sgt...hihihihi...