Sunday, October 3, 2010

Our Sunday...

I have been very busy this week...with all the career commitments. Today is Sunday.....the only day that I'm off from work for this week! @~@

Felt like waking up late but the kids had woken up as early as 6.45 a.m.! This meant we had to rise and shine too...I did the laundry and hubby did the hanging of clothes. While waiting for the laundry...we tidied up the living room and kitchen...I swept...hubby mopped....everything must be done equally.....^,^

Then we went to the wet market to buy some fresh fish. We planned to bring our kids there but Habibi was asleep when we reached the fish market. So only Habibati followed me...

Purposely, I didn't bring my camera...because I know it would be difficult to snap pictures there while people were here and there and furthermore...I was with our little girl who need a lot of "guide"!

She posed with her soft icecream after the 'wet market tour'. She had learnt many things there...she had a close encounter with the real sting ray *as seen in Finding Nemo movie*. Habibi woke up shortly after that and had his ice cream in the car.
Then, we had our brunch at the nearby Indian small restaurant....
We had fried mee hoon and kue teow. Each dish cost only BND$2...the cheapest and yummiest in town...! Usually this restaurant is packed with its regular customers during the peak hours especially 8-10am and around 3-4pm.
That late afternoon I managed to iron a big basket full of our clothings....I hate ironing but still have to do...this chore has been pending for so many days....and at was all done and I was relieved....!
I have been craving for this 'sambal mangga with belacan' eversince my PMS. Only now I could find the young dinner was a fabulous one! Happy Sunday....wishing for a fruitful Monday tomorrow...Cheers!

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