Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Brunei ExploMath 2009

I went to SR PJMPAM Pandan in Kuala Belait with our understanding Assistant Headmistress Cikgu Hjh Noorlah. We headed off to KB at 11 15 a.m. with the three bright Year 4 pupils namely Haziq, Alya and Sariyah. We stopped over at Koya to have our lunch. Then continued our journey and reached the destination at 1.20 p.m. Wah...it was such a long ride...luckily Cg Hjh Noorlah drove us there.

After registration, we were briefed by Cikgu Hj Reduan regarding the 'Maths Trail' activity.

The activity cards for the kids and mathematics teachers too...

The expression walls

Teacher Hjh Noorlah was 'grooming' Sariyah.

The school garden and where the math trail starts.

The pupils had to solve the rubic cubes first, only then they could go to their stations. Too bad, we, teachers, were not allowed to follow the pupils....

After the math trail.....exhausted...thirsty...red-faced....but still cute!

The pupils and Teacher Rosma

The pupils and Teacher Hjh NoorlahStopped over again at Soon Lee to treat the pupils with icecreams..since the day was awfully hot. The pupils showed off their chocolate.The popular 'nodding donkey' in our oil-rich country.

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