Thursday, May 7, 2009

Habibati's Appointment

This morning, my hp rang and a JPMC nurse called up to inform about Habibati's appointment. The actual schedule was tomorrow(Friday) but due to some circumstances it had to be changed to this afternoon. So I had to bring her all by myself because hubby was attending an unavoidable function.

Upon arrival, we were taken to a station where our body temperature was measured. Alhamdullilah we were fever free and given a flourescent sticker each.

What really surprised me a lot was girl was very cooperative with Dr Roy and the nurse, Maria. Her temperature (again taken) and height were taken with no problem at all (weight 12.1kg and height 82.2cm)She really is a good you baby!

She was given 2 shots (Hepatitis and Influenza). But before the shots were administered, Maria let Habibati choose which two cartoon plasters she preferred. Of course, these were attractive to my girl (and other kids too). She selected the plasters with a bear and a penguin. Luckily she did not cry at all (I think the plasters have helped a lot! hehehe).

And at was funny that Habibati did not agree the plasters to be taken off her arms. She even showed off them to Habibi. Then Habibi turned very curious about his sister's plasters. Habibi had these shots before too. One more funny thing....she did not want to wear a long sleeve pyjamas because she wanted the cartoon plasters to be easily seen. Too bad...I did not take her picture. So, she ended up wearing a short-sleeve t-shirt for sleeping.


Solsikke i mit hært said...

Hey sis how are u? so sorry just reply to your blog now...cuz i have been really busy in the couples of day bfro. I will going to danish exam in the 26.may. Pray for me sis.

Abt. ur Habibati..hehehe luckly in there not so cold as in Denmark.
BTW, i love your template blog...such a beautiful background....have a nice weekend.

"Keluarga Amirul" said...

Alhamdulillah.. pintarnya ya Habibati ga' nangis disuntik imuninisasi
hahaha.. plester cartoonnya masih adakah??

Turut bahagia Habibi dan Habibati tumbuh sehat pandai menggemaskan..

Mummy Hanan said...

yep... she's very good...nda nangis... n she's looked cute when she just wearing her pampers....hahaha.... u right...that plasters look nice n innovative n creative.....


Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Habibati is such a good girl. No cry at all when being jab.
It is so nice that the clinic provided the cute cute plaster for the kids.